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SIP trunk | This is how VoIP works with SIP

When the technology was even less sophisticated, you had to work with normal telephone systems and an intermediate device in order to use IP-based voice telephony. Modern IP telephone systems, on the other hand, make this interconnection of a media gateway superfluous. You rely on a SIP-DDI protocol, which makes the IP telephone systems dialable. Basically, the SIP trunk makes it possible to make phone calls to the outside world instead of just using the LAN (local network). This is an advantage for virtual collaboration with teams abroad or for discussions with business travelers and freelance employees.


SIP trunk | by Frings Informatic

We deliver the SIP trunk with your new IP telephone system from our own data center - a connection with telephones or cell phones is also possible. You can book the number of services directly with us as required. Another advantage is the saving of money, because you pay less for VoIP with SIP trunk than for other connections. An important prerequisite for IP telephony is that your company has a good broadband connection with a sufficiently high speed. This is the only way to achieve clear voice quality. If your telephone connection is not yet SIP-capable, we will provide a media gateway in combination with the trunk.


Advantages at a glance:

  • Free internal calls
  • One connection for all company locations
  • Encrypted phone calls
  • Excellent voice quality
  • Integrated toll fraud protection
  • Favorable tariffs & flat rates



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