How do I become an Omani citizen

Oman wants to make entry easier for Germans

The Omani authorities announced the new regulation at the end of last week. When it will occur is unclear, according to the Federal Foreign Office, which updated its travel advice on Monday. A hotel booking, a return flight ticket and health insurance with Covid-19 coverage are required to be visa-free.

According to the announcement, travelers no longer have to show a PCR test for entry, unless this is requested by the airline itself. However, you have to register with the Omani Ministry of Health before departure and pay 25 Omani rials, just under 50 euros, for the mandatory PCR test on arrival. In addition, the "Tarrasud +" app from the Omani Ministry of Health must be installed on your own mobile phone.

Quarantine is mandatory for stays of more than seven days

For stays of up to seven days, isolation is only required until a negative result is obtained from the test carried out on arrival. If visitors stay for more than seven days, however, they have to go into quarantine for seven days. These are monitored with a tracking bracelet, it is said. Another PCR test is carried out on the eighth day.

All travelers must present proof of accommodation for the duration of the quarantine and proof of 30-day health insurance cover, which also includes treatment costs in the event of a Covid-19 infection, upon entry. Oman Air currently offers Covid-19 insurance coverage, which is included in the ticket price for all flights up to March 31, 2021.

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