Why don't my blinds go down

Blind goes down difficult

Greet you!

Since yesterday I have had a six-month long-distance relationship with my girlfriend since yesterday (the term is rambling, I'm with her every weekend;)) She lives in Thuringia and I'm in Heidelberg for an apprenticeship. Let's get down to business ...

I live in a 3-man (special-purpose) flat share. Our landlords, a couple of retired people, live in the house above us. In the shared flat, the kitchen and bathroom are used together, everyone has their own room (around 20 square meters). My roommates hardly ever speak to me (as I said, Zweck WG) and when she came to visit for the first time, I only had one roommate with me, as the third room was being expanded. At that time, my girlfriend didn't get in the way (I leave the house with him almost at the same time, I'll be home earlier than him) and got on very well with the landlords. The one week was perfect.

The crux of the matter: when she wanted to stay with me for two weeks during the summer vacation, my landlord told her in a conversation with her that she could only stay one week, but that the second should stay at home. Unfortunately, she forgot to tell me this (she's just ignorant, that's why I love her). When I brought her back the week after that, the theater started. I should drive her home or put her on the train (driving home was bad because of work, she doesn't like to travel by train, especially in the evening. Apart from that, she is still a minor.) After a violent exchange with my landlords, I finally drove her home ( short term "yellow" vacation, my trainer didn't like it at all ..) so that there is no further trouble. The reason I was given at the time was "Yes, because next week someone 3rd is coming to the flat, that would be too much".

Hit the point:

.. My question arises as follows: My girlfriend would very much like to come here again for a week during the autumn break. Now I am afraid to tell my landlords (that is probably the least) or to bring them with me. Do my landlords have the right to prohibit this? She would stay here for 5 days, Mon - Fri, Friday I would go back to Thuringia with her.

Current situation in the flat share: 3 flatmates (including me), still using shared kitchen and bathroom.

Hope to get help!