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AICPA, NASBA, and Prometric Announce US CPA Exam for Europe

  • Locations in England, Germany, Ireland and Scotland offer the exam.
  • Candidates can register for testing from September 5th.
  • The same English version of the exam is offered in the US and internationally

The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy and Prometric announce that the administration of the Uniform CPA Examination® (Exam) will be expanded to test sites in England, Germany, Ireland and Scotland effective immediately on Nov. October.

The US exam is conducted internationally in response to the demand for US CPA licenses from international applicants and for practical reasons for accountants overseas, especially accountants working in these regions.

The tests at the newly announced international locations are open to eligible citizens and residents of the countries where the test is being conducted. In addition, eligible citizens and residents of EU countries, Norway, the Russian Federation and Switzerland can take the exam at these locations. US citizens living abroad are eligible to test at any location they are offered.

"The US CPA license has a long history of high accounting status internationally," said Barry Melancon, CPA, CGMA, President and CEO of AICPA. "By further expanding our reach internationally, we are offering qualified candidates the opportunity to conveniently take the exam and acquire their US CPA license."

The international administration of the exam, which is offered in English, is the same as the exam administered by AICPA, NASBA, and Prometric in the United States. The content of the exam is closely aligned with the work that would require a newly licensed CPA.

"The expansion of international testing sites into Europe is a direct result of the overwhelming positive response from international exam candidates in Japan, the Middle East and Brazil, where the exam is currently offered," said Ken L. Bishop, President and CEO of NASBA. "Thousands of young professionals across the European Union, Norway, Switzerland and the Russian Federation now have the opportunity to become US CPAs, as do applicants who are resident in the United States."

The admission requirements for international candidates are the same as for U.S. CPA candidates. In addition to passing the exam, international candidates must meet the educational and experience requirements required by U.S. auditors. In the United States, chambers of accounts are the only legal jurisdictions authorized to issue the US CPA license.

Registration for the international exam tests begins on October 1st. Applications can be submitted through certain U.S. auditing bodies that accept international candidates. A list of participating jurisdictions and information on fees is posted on the NASBA website at

"We are incredibly proud of our longstanding partnership with AICPA and NASBA and how this collaboration has expanded access to a unified CPA exam for residents of the EU and the Russian Federation," said Charles Kernan, President and Chief Executive Officer by Prometric. "At Prometric, we want to give individuals around the world the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and abilities in a quality, professional environment that will help them advance in their chosen professions."

Test centers that offer the US exam also offer the US CPA International Qualification Examination (IQEX). IQEX is offered to accountants from countries whose professional associations have entered into mutual recognition agreements that ensure reciprocity with the US accounting profession.

  • Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA)
  • Chartered Accountant of Canada (CPA Canada)
  • Chartered Accountant Ireland (CAI)
  • Instituto Mexicano de Contadores Publicos (IMCP)
  • Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Accountants (HKICPA)
  • New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants (NZICA)
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS)
  • CPA Australia

In addition to the newly announced locations, the US exam will be held by AICPA, NASBA and Prometric in 55 US jurisdictions and internationally in Japan, Bahrain, Brazil, Kuwait, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates. For more information, see the International Testing FAQs on the AICPA website.

Via the American Institute of CPAs

The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) is the world's largest affiliate of the CPA profession with more than 431,000 members in 137 countries and territories and has been serving the public interest since 1887. AICPA members represent many sectors of activity, including business and industry, public practice, government, education and counseling. The AICPA sets ethical standards for its members and US auditing standards for private companies, nonprofits, federal, state, and local governments. It develops and evaluates the unified CPA exam, provides specialist knowledge, builds the pipeline of future talent and drives professional skills development to drive the vitality, relevance and quality of the profession.

AICPA has offices in New York, Washington, DC, Durham, NC, and Ewing, NJ.

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About the NASBA

Since 1908, the National Association of State Audit Institutions (NASBA) has served as the forum for the national audit authorities that administer the unified CPA audit, license more than 650,000 accountants, and govern the practice of public accounting in the United States.

NASBA's mandate is to improve effectiveness and advance the common interests of the chambers of accounting in the performance of their regulatory duties. The association promotes the exchange of information between auditors to meet the needs of 55 US jurisdictions.

NASBA is headquartered in Nashville, TN, with a satellite office in New York, NY, an international computer test and call center in Guam, and offices in San Juan, PR. For more information on NASBA, see

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