Who is Shani

Who is Shani and is there any connection to Saturday?

As far as I know, the correct word is SANISCHARA, meaning whoever moves slowly.

If we look at it as a planet, that meaning still holds. In astrology, Saturn is the slowest moving planet.

In ancient times we do not find any days of the week. In those days, Muhurta, meaning auspicious time, Nakshatra, meaning auspicious star, Thithi, meaning the movement of the moon, are considered.

Days of the week imported into this country may be from the UK (or) other western merchants.

Keshav Srinivasan ♦

If anything, you should cite sources first. Second, the notion of days of the week was definitely there. In the sankalpam that you say before each Vedic ritual, you need to indicate the place where you will perform the ritual and the time and date of the ritual. You specify the vasara or the day of the week. As if it were Tuesday you say "Bhauma Vasara Yuktayam".

srimannarayana kv

This tradition of Sankalpa is very new. In Srimad, Ramayana, which exactly followed the Vedic way of life, only gives the narration of Muhurta, Nakshtra and Thidhi, but not of Vaara

Keshav Srinivasan ♦

Well, the day of the week was not used to indicate the time and date of birth, so there wasn't much opportunity to discuss days of the week in the Ramayana. In any case, the term Vasaras is mentioned in many ancient works on Jyotisha (astrology). So it is not correct to say, "In ancient times we do not find days of the week."

srimannarayana kv

I don't know the scriptures as well as you do. I do not know when these astrological books were written. I quoted what I read. There were many options for Sage Valmiki, if he was aware of the days of the week, to include them in his epic. For example: (1) When Sri Rama started Ravana at the beginning of a war, he only mentioned Nakshtra. (2) While Jataayu is dying, he only mentions the Muhuurta - VINDA, but not the days of the week and other angas of Panchanga