Adheres Liquid Nails wood to concrete

Tytan Professional Liquid Nails: Features and Uses

When repairing, decorating the interior or decorating rooms, a reliable connection of materials is often required. The specialized glue - liquid nails can become the irreplaceable helper in this business. Such compositions have only appeared on the market for a relatively short time, however, due to their numerous advantages, they have already gained popularity among builders.

One of the market leaders in the sale of liquid nails is the Tytan Professional brand.

Products of this brand are high quality and low cost.

Varieties and uses

Tynan Professional liquid nails are available in different versions. By agreement, they are divided into two types.

  • Universal. Such compositions are suitable for bonding any materials.
  • Special products. Such adhesives can be used for certain types of materials. On the packaging of specialty adhesives, the manufacturer specifies the purposes for which it is intended. These can be connections for fastening heavy structures or metal parts, for outdoor work, for mirrors, glass, for the assembly of foam panels.

Liquid nails also vary in composition. Adhesives can be made on the basis of rubber or acrylic. The first - polyurethane materials with an unpleasant odor, due to synthetic components. Such tools are suitable for gluing heavy materials.

They maintain high rates of moisture, frost, temperature changes.

A respirator and protective gloves are required to work with such nails. Rubber adhesives are recommended in well-ventilated areas.

Acrylic (water emulsion) compounds do not contain toxic substances that make them odorless. These nails are cheaper than rubber, but they don't have high strength.

Because of this property, water-based adhesives are only suitable for light materials.

Depending on the composition, liquid nails are used for the assembly of window sills, cornices, brick structures, various panels, plasterboard products, glass, aluminum and solid wood. Glue is not recommended for use with wet wood and to create aquariums.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tytan Professional liquid nails, like other assembly adhesives, have advantages and disadvantages. That is why you should read all the features carefully before buying. Plus the composition more.

  • High grip strength. Nails can withstand loads of 20 to 80 kg / cm².
  • Rust-resistant.
  • Easy to handle. For convenience, you can use special guns.
  • A "clean" process of joining parts where there is no dirt or dust.
  • Fast adhesion of bound materials (within 30 seconds).
  • Ability to use on uneven surfaces.
  • Fire resistance
  • Reasonable price and economical consumption.

The disadvantages of liquid nails include only their unpleasant smell and the possible appearance of difficulties when working with the material for the first time.


There are many types of liquid nails from the manufacturer Tytan Professional in the hardware store. The company produces a wide range of construction and finishing products.

There are several types of the most popular liquid nail brand.

  • Classic correction. This is a clear rubber assembly adhesive that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is characterized by high adhesion, moisture and frost resistance. After hardening, the tool forms a transparent seam.
  • Heavy Duty Adhesive No. 901. The material based on rubber is suitable for outside and inside. Due to its improved composition, the product can withstand increased loads. The composition is recommended for gluing heavy structures, forms a waterproof seam.
  • Bathroom liquid nails and bathroom number 915. This water-based composition is characterized by increased resistance to high humidity, high temperatures and steam exposure.
  • Glue for mirror No. 930. It is recommended to attach mirrors to different surfaces (concrete, wood, ceramic). The product has a high initial grip strength.
  • Glue for strips and panels No. 910. This is a water-based composition intended for gluing wooden or plastic elements. It is very resistant to mold and other biological damage. The tool has a high initial setting, resistance to adverse climatic conditions. The composition withstands temperatures from -20 ° C to + 60 ° C.

Thanks to a wide range of products, everyone can choose a composition that is suitable for specific work.


In general, buyers are positive about Tytan Professional liquid nails. You will notice a low price, simple operation and economical use of resources. Consumers like the effectiveness of assembly glue, its ability to withstand heavy metal structures.

It is confirmed that the brand's compositions have a faint odor.

In addition, they are easily applied to the surface even without using a special gun. Some people just point out the difficulty of removing the dried glue which is considered a product defect.

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