What is the occupational danger posed by police officers

Police emergency number in urgent cases: 110

On site

Here you will find the addresses of all police authorities in North Rhine-Westphalia.
With telephone number, fax number, e-mail address and Internet address.

Each police agency has its own website.
There you will find information about police issues in the place.
For example, which criminals are currently being sought.

Where there are a particularly large number of burglars.
Or when and where the police flash car drivers
if you drive too fast.

On the Internet pages of the police authorities
you can also find tips from the police.
Or events where the police are present.

about us

Here you will find general information about the NRW police.
For example, through management and the various departments.
What is important to the police. And what rules she has for her work.
What the police do for their employees.
For example, if they have experienced bad things at work.
Or so that the employees stay healthy.

Here you can also see
what technology the police use.
And you can learn about police professions.
And about the vocational training at the NRW police.

The top department is that M.Ministry ofI.men.
One also says: Ministry of the Interior. The abbreviation is IM.

The Ministry of the Interior belongs to the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia. The top boss is the interior minister.
His name is Herbert Reul.

The interior minister is also the chief chief of the police.


The NRW police are responsible for security in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

  • It has to protect the people in NRW from danger.
    This is called Avoidance of danger.
  • She has to make sure that people abide by the law.
  • She has to investigate when someone is breaking the law.
    And ensure that the criminal offenders can be punished.
    This is called Prosecution.
  • It takes care of the victims of criminal offenses.
    Victim are people to whom something bad has happened.
    Because others didn't obey the law.
    Victims are, for example, people who have been broken into.
    Or people who have been mugged.
    Criminal acts is another word for crime.

The police have many different tasks:

Fight crime
With crime all criminal acts are meant together.
The police are investigating the criminal offenses.
She is looking for the criminal offender.
And ensures that they can be punished.

Crime Prevention (Crime Prevention)
The police help people.
For example with advice and tips,
how you can protect yourself from criminal acts.
For example, from burglars.
From scammers on the internet.
Against violence against women and children.
And other criminal acts.

When people protect themselves from criminal acts,
is that called Crime Prevention.
Or Crime Prevention.

Traffic safety
Many thousands of accidents happen every year.
With many thousands injured and dead.
Because people don't obey the traffic rules.
Traffic rules are important for road safety.

The police make sure that people abide by the traffic rules.
And that the people will be punished
who do not follow the traffic rules.

The police also take courses in traffic safety.
For example for children, car drivers and bicycle drivers.
There people learn
what they have to do in traffic.
For your own safety.
And for the safety of other road users.

Protection of sports events and other events
Many thousands of people come together at large events.
For example at a soccer game.
Or at a rock concert in the open air.
The police ensure security at these events.

Victim protection and victim support
When something bad has happened to a person,
then he often feels helpless. And alone.
Or he feels insecure. And is afraid.
For example when he was attacked.
Or if he has seen a criminal act.
Many do not dare to go to the police.
Or think: That won't do anything!

The police help these people.
With advice, support and offers of help.
She wants to protect the victims.

It is important that the victims go to the police.
And tell what happened.
Or what they saw.

There are special victim protection officers at the NRW police.
They advise the victims and their families.
And help them.


Germany is a democratic country.
That means: The people in Germany determine
what is happening in their country.
For example who rules in their country.
And which laws and rules should apply in the country.

A democracy also includes
that all people are free to speak their minds.
They are also allowed to hold meetings.
Or go to a meeting.
And express your opinion in front of other people.

The meetings can be in one house.
Or in the open air.
For example a political gathering in the market square.
Or a demonstration.
Many people walk through the streets together.
And stand up for a certain cause.
For example, for equal pay for men and women.

There are special rules for public gatherings.
Public means: Everyone can go.
The rules are in the assembly law.
The abbreviation is VersG.

Public gatherings in the open air
must be registered with the police.

On the website Gatherings stands,
what you have to do then.


Here you can find information about weapons
and prohibited items.
Weapons include pistols, rifles, and knives, for example.

Guns are dangerous.
That is why there are special laws and rules.
For example the gun law.
For certain weapons you need a permit from an authority.
One also says: gun license.
You have to apply for the gun license at the responsible police authority.

Press and public relations

The police want to inform the public about their work.
The Publicity, we all are.
That is why the police pass information on to the press.
With Press are the reporters from newspapers, magazines, television, radio and the Internet.

Here you will find, for example, the press releases from the NRW police.
These are reports for newspapers and magazines.
And for news services.
For example, for television, radio and the Internet.

Here you can also find information about the police orchestra.
Or you can read the police magazine.
The magazine is called 'Die Streife'.
The various booklets can be read on the Internet.
Or download it.

Social media

Social media are special internet sites.
For example Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
Facebook is pronounced like this: fäß-buck
YouTube is pronounced like this: Ju-tjub

You have to log in to social media.
Then you can send short messages over the Internet.
And read other people's answers.
It's like having a conversation with many people at the same time.
You can also upload pictures and videos.
So that many people can see them.

Many millions of people use social media.
Young people in particular find social media great.
And use them quite often.

The NRW police also use social media.
For example when she has important information.
And many people should read the information very quickly.
This works best with social media.
And the fastest.

Here you can find information about
how the NRW police use social media.

Many police authorities have their own Facebook page.
And some police authorities have their own Twitter page.

You can find the list from the Facebook pages here
and the Twitter pages of the police authorities in North Rhine-Westphalia.

You can also find the Internet address here
from the YouTube page of the NRW police.
There you can watch videos from the NRW police.


Here you will find figures and reports on the work of the NRW police.
For example where there was a break-in last year. And how often.
How many accidents have happened in a year.
How many times the police have ensured security at sports events.
Or what crimes have happened in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.