What color should I buy

Buying wall paint: What to consider

If you want to buy wall paint, you will find that there is a large selection. Wall paint is available in different price ranges, and even if everyone advertises good quality, there are definitely differences here. You can find out how to recognize good wall paint here.

Quality pays off when it comes to wall paint

Even if it is tempting to buy the cheapest product, in the end it could cost you more than a bucket of more expensive quality paint. The range and opacity of the color are also decisive. If you need to buy more paint because the low opacity of a cheap paint requires a second coat, the cost may be even higher. In addition, there is the additional effort involved in painting.

Take a look at the label before buying any wall paint. As a rule, a covering class between one and four is specified here; color of class one has the highest opacity. Some manufacturers indicate the opacity as a contrast ratio. A value of over 99.5 corresponds to the highest deck class. With a contrast ratio of less than 95, you get a class four wall paint with poor coverage.

Many manufacturers indicate the yield under the term "consumption per square meter". Here you have to rely on the manufacturer's information, which is a little exaggerated, as the Stiftung Warentest determined. Often, cheap colors do not cover as well as more expensive products. It has to be repainted, which increases the material costs and can therefore have more impact on the cut.

If there is no expiration date on the bucket, it is better to buy a different wall paint. Mold can form in paint buckets after long periods of storage. Therefore, it is better to spend a little more money when renovating.

Latex paint for the kitchen and bathroom

A good wall paint contains more binders than cheap products. This ensures less staining and an even application of paint and also makes the paint washable. Kitchens and bathrooms should be painted with latex paint, although the cost of doing this is a little higher than traditional wall paint. Latex paint is easier to wipe off than high-quality wall paint and is specially designed for walls that are so heavily used.

Pay attention to labels when buying

If you want to pay attention not only to the costs, but also to your health and the environment, you should also take a look at the ingredients - if a list is available. Because paints with organic solvents can under certain circumstances

  • A headache,
  • Dizziness,
  • Irritations of the mucous membranes or
  • nausea

because manufacturers often add preservatives to colors with a high water content. These can even lead to allergic reactions, warn consumer advocates.

If consumers want to be sure that they are using low-pollutant and environmentally friendly paints, they can orientate themselves on recognized seals - the consumer advocates recommend, among other things

  • the blue angel,
  • the Eco-Institut label,
  • the Natureplus symbol or
  • the European eco-label.

A few months ago, however, the label "Blauer Engel" came under fire. Despite this labeling, manufacturers mixed preservatives into the products, according to the ARD magazine "Kontraste". When buying, therefore, not only pay attention to the labels, but also read the ingredients of the wall paints.