What are some great vision statements

7 steps to writing an effective project vision statement

A clear and properly communicated vision can prevent a lot of problems and confusion. A project vision is also important because an organization could simply start looking for a solution before it fully understands the problem. An effective vision statement clearly and briefly describes what the project team and stakeholders hope to achieve. Follow these seven steps to write an effective project vision statement for the project.

What actually is a project vision statement?

A project vision statement can be understood as a long-term (valid for several years), overarching, challenging goal. An imaginary, desired target / final state when everything runs ideally and positively and all framework conditions are right. The strategies and programs / projects should be based on this.

A good project vision statement is characterized by the fact that it depicts the future in a lively, concrete and clear goal that everyone can easily imagine.

Take the elevator pitch test: Explain your project vision statement as part of an elevator pitch (approx. 30 s ride with the elevator) in such a way that the passengers in the elevator understand you and are interested or even enthusiastic.

Why is the project vision statement important?

One might wonder why a project vision statement is important. So here are a few reasons for this:

Create common ground

Vision statements create a common basis in the company. So that this can arise, the employees should understand and be able to understand the mission and vision. Even if “Think Big” is appropriate when formulating a vision statement, the goal should seem achievable. This is the only way you can motivate your employees and call them to achieve the goal together.

Define corporate values

Once the mission and vision have been defined, the core values ​​for a company can be derived from them. The values ​​should contain the desired principles of your company and represent them in a credible manner.

Example: The core values ​​of Adidas areperformancepassionIntegrity andDiversity.

Create a business plan

Founders work out a business idea in writing in a business plan. This makes it possible to check whether the idea can also be implemented. At the same time, a business plan serves as a timetable and information document. Here too, founders have to answer the questions about what purpose their company should fulfill and what goal they want to achieve. The mission and vision statements thus form the basis for a business plan.

How can you effectively create a project vision statement?

1. Set up the Project vision statement based on the corporate goals

This should go without saying, but make sure your priorities are aligned with the priorities of your organization. You will need the commitment of the right people. So write a vision statement that aligns with your organization's goals. The best way to do this is to link your project to a specific business goal.

2. Write in clear language

Your vision gives their goal to the people you guide. Use your project vision statement to clarify the purpose of your project, clear up confusion, and unite your team by inspiring and getting them to carry out the vision to the best of their ability. The project vision statement is a written version of your vision that summarizes your idea and all of its emotional potential. Your project vision statement sets the direction for your team and helps them understand how it will get there. The statement you create should follow a similar formula: (action) an (outcome) that (criterion).

An example could be: (Develop) an (orientation program) that (prepares employees to prioritize cybersecurity). If your team understands this vision statement, then they will know what this is about and why and what kind of actions are needed. You can use writing tools like WritingPopulist and Review that can help you write the statement in clear language.

3. Take advantage of this Key elements

Keep these important elements in mind when writing your vision statement. Keep it short and sweet. Make it actionable by using active verbs like "deliver" and "produce". Captivate your project participants with concepts that they can identify with and that will make them do their best. To do this, work together in a team. You will get some great ideas by asking your team and customers and are more likely to reach consensus. Reflect on what your goal is and address its advantages with your statement. Use some objective criteria that will define your success.

4. Grasp your Project vision in one convincing sentence

Start your statement with a powerful and convincing sentence in the first paragraph. It should be a memorable phrase that encapsulates the essence of your vision. If your reader sees or remembers this sentence, then they can remember the rest of the vision statement that the sentence represents. Looking at the full vision statement and then thinking about how to describe that vision in one sentence is sometimes the best way to write that sentence. You can also use writing aids such as AcademAdvisor and Academized to help you summarize your idea.

5. Convey a sense of importance

After reading your vision statement, readers should have a clear understanding of how important the project is. You should know how urgent the project and the offered solution are to the desired goals of the organization. Make your statement as clear as possible to make sure the importance of your goal is understood. Use editing and correction tools like “MyWritingWay” and “LetsGoandLearn” to ensure clear communication of this point.

6. Prepare yourself People, process and technology

Every project involves people and the technologies and processes they use. What does the process involve? How does the available technology support the process? How will people benefit from implementing the vision statement? There should be a clear explanation for all three elements and how they interact as the project progresses.

7. Use as much space as you need

The goal of your vision statement is to draw a mental picture to motivate and guide your team throughout the process and to remind them of their core goals when they feel they have lost direction. “Sometimes, for your project to be successful, this core needs some space to explain itself. While you should avoid unnecessary and confusing jargon, sometimes it is still necessary to clearly illustrate your vision, "explains Alice Felts, agile project manager at Writemyaustralia and author at Huffingtonpost.


Your vision statement is the guide for your team. It will determine your goals and the methods you will use to achieve the project goal. If the agile project members are confused or feel that they have strayed off course with their work, then the project vision statement will help get things back on track. A properly designed and written vision statement must be consistent with the company's goals, use clear language, contain a convincing, summarizing sentence, convey a sense of importance, describe the roles of the process, people and technology, and take up as much space as necessary .

Are you done with your project vision statement?
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