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How do you celebrate New Year's Eve in Scotland? If you are familiar with the Scottish quirks and the tradition of the country, Hogmanay is definitely not a foreign word for you. Everyone who has not been able to do anything with this event will be on fire after this article at the latest, New Years Eve in Scotland to spend. Read here what the hip street party is all about!

Celebrating New Years Eve in Scotland

What is the Hogmanay Festival? | This is what you can expect this year

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What is the Hogmanay Festival?

The origin of the Hogmanay goes back to the 90s. Back then it was still a small traditional festival in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, today it is a huge one 3 day festival, which puts the whole country in a festive mood. Scotland connoisseurs would certainly not contradict me if I claim that Hogmanay is one of the most beautiful and biggest events in Edinburgh.

Hogmanay is one of the largest and most beautiful festivals in Scotland

Because the capital in particular, but also other large cities in Scotland, can be seen during this 3-day festival, which takes place every year from December 30th to January 1st is celebrated, no slouch. Cool open-air concerts, street parties and breathtaking fireworks create a good atmosphere here and put the Scots in a party mood. In the smaller communities it is mainly the old customs, such as traditional fire festivals from earlier times, that are part of the Hogmanay ceremony. In Stonehaven, for example, there is a fire panning, in which people pull through the streets with burning balls made of wire mesh. Another tradition, which is largely followed in Edinburgh, is the so-called "first footing", in which you are the first to try over the threshold of your neighbors and friends with a glass of whiskey, shortbread - a Scottish pastry - and salt to wish them a happy new year.

Hogmanay in Edinburgh

If you should actually travel to Scotland at the turn of the year, a visit to the Scottish capital Edinburgh is recommended, because it is truly upside down at this time. Already on December 30th it's going here with one spectacular torchlight procession with thousands of people carrying torches from the famous Royal Mile to Calton Hill. This sight alone is priceless. On New Year's Eve, it goes on loud and happy: Several stages with hip live bands provide entertainment, the entire Princess Street in the heart of the city is transformed into a single party mile here. The annual "Concert in the Gardens" on December 31st, trendy open-air bars and the famous Hogmanay midnight fireworks on the castle walls contribute to an unforgettable New Year's Eve. The main act this year is British blues and soul singer Rag’n’Bone Man - tickets for the concert start at £ 60. By the way, it is no longer just Scots who mark this festival in red on the calendar every year - visitors from all over the world have been coming here again and again for some time. Same procedure as every year? But please!

Celebrate New Year's Eve in Edinburgh

By the way: If you think of the Cordiality and generosity of the Scots get carried away and can't clear your head on New Year's Day, then just follow the annual New Year's tradition “Loony Dock”. It goes - colorfully disguised - from the High Street to the River Forth in South Queensferry. At the latest after the little jump into the ice-cold water you should be clear in your head and ready for a little sightseeing tour. For example, visit Edinburgh Castle, take a city tour and let yourself be enchanted by Scotland. FurtherEdinburgh tips for your trip you can find it in my travel magazine as usual. Since it should be too late this year - maybe you will decide to celebrate New Year's Eve in Scotland next year?

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