Applies to Samsung J5 for Miracast

View smartphone photos on TV

Transfer your photos directly from your smartphone or tablet to the television conveniently wirelessly. It is particularly easy if your television receives signals from a wireless network (WLAN).

Wireless with Android devices:

Wirelessly connect network-compatible televisions from LG, Panasonic, Philips or Samsung to Android phones from Sony, Samsung or HTC. The standard for this is often called “Miracast”, with Samsung “Screen Mirroring” or “AllShare Cast”. You don't need a separate wireless network (WLAN) for this.

Activate the function on the television and on the mobile device, and the mobile device's interface appears on the TV screen. Start any image management on the mobile phone or tablet, for example Google Photos, and let the recordings run over the screen. You can also play music from your mobile phone or tablet onto the speakers on the television. If your TV set cannot handle Miracast, buy a Miracast receiver for 25 euros and connect it to the HDMI input of the TV.

Wireless with Apple devices:

Apple users buy the small Apple TV box including a remote control. Your photo show travels wirelessly from the iPhone or iPad to the Apple TV box and from there to the television via an HDMI cable. Inexpensive alternative for network-compatible televisions: the iPlayTo app (4 euros) sends the images from your mobile device wirelessly to the screen of a network-compatible television. To do this, you need a separate wireless network (WLAN) with a router, as found in many households.

Wireless with Android and Apple:

The Chromecast stick from Google costs around 30 euros, works well with many Android and iOS devices and works similarly to Apple TV (above). Connect the Chromecast stick to the TV with an HDMI cable and play your photo show.

With cable:

Wireless connections can jerk or even crash. The cable demonstration is more stable. Some smartphones - e.g. B. from Sony - can connect cell phones to the television using a mini HDMI connector. Since 2012, various Android cell phones have also been sending MHL-compatible image signals to the mini-USB port. Connect the mobile device to the TV with an HDMI-USB cable, you may need an MHL adapter for 10 euros. An alternative to MHL is the Slimport standard, which even charges mobile devices, but costs more. You can also connect a laptop to the television using an HDMI cable.