Which US president had an unusual talent?

No shortage of stars at Biden's inauguration

It looks like a number of real stars will embellish the inauguration day of US President-elect Joe Biden and future Vice President Kamala Harris on January 20th. The pop musician Lady Gaga wants to perform the US national anthem "Star Spangled Banner" in Washington, as the organizing committee responsible for the ceremony announced. The singer and actress Jennifer Lopez has also announced an appearance.

Lopez and 34-year-old Lady Gaga had already supported Biden in the election campaign. When Biden was Vice President under Barack Obama, he and Lady Gaga started a campaign against sexual harassment. Incidentally, a national anthem she performed would be nothing new, according to a report by the magazine "Variety": Lady Gaga had already received great praise for her performance by "Star Spangled Banner" in 2016 at the "Super Bowl" in American football.

Tom Hanks moderates TV special

After Biden and Harris are sworn in, a live televised special will be hosted by Hollywood star Tom Hanks. The TV special "Celebrating America" ​​with the 64-year-old will be broadcast from 8:30 pm local time (2:30 am CET). Prominent artists like US singer Demi Lovato ("Échame la culpa") and rock star Jon Bon Jovi want to perform in it.

Hollywood star Tom Hanks (archive image)

The US actor and singer ("Cry Me A River") Justin Timberlake would like to use the opportunity to present his new song "Better Days". He wrote this together with the musician Ant Clemons during the lockdown, Timberlake announced on social media. "This song was our way of doing our best to encourage everyone to be hopeful."

Tight security measures

Biden's inauguration ceremony on January 20 was themed "America United". The ceremony will be held under unusual circumstances. After the storming of the Capitol by militant supporters of the outgoing President Donald Trump, security measures in the capital were tightened. The Ministry of Defense approved the deployment of 20,000 National Guard soldiers.

In response to the unrest at the Capitol, Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser urged citizens to watch Biden's inauguration only on the Internet or in front of the television. In addition, with more than 380,000 deaths worldwide, the USA is the country hardest hit by the corona pandemic. The authorities want to prevent the virus from spreading quickly in a crowd. Trump does not want to take part in the swearing-in of the 46th US President.

"Flag field" in Washington

On the Washington Mall, where the museums and official buildings are lined up, a "flag field" will be laid out for Biden's inauguration. The flags stand for the citizens who cannot attend the ceremony.

Well-known artists have sung the anthem at the inaugurations of US presidents - for example soul star Beyoncé (2013 for Barack Obama), opera singer Marilyn Horne (1993 for Bill Clinton) or jazz musician Ethel Ennis (1973 for Richard Nixon). For Trump, only 16-year-old Jackie Evancho from the TV show "America's Got Talent" was found in 2017.

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The up-and-coming singer Jackie Evancho performed at Trump's inauguration (archive image)