What are your three main Bible verses

100 important Bible texts

  1. "Treat people as you would like them to treat you yourself - that is what the law and the prophets demand." (GNB - Matthew 7:12)
  2. Do not owe anyone anything except for the love you always owe one another. Because whoever loves the other has thereby fulfilled the law of God. The commandments against adultery, murder, theft and desire are - like all other commandments - summarized in this one commandment: "Love your neighbor as yourself." Love does no harm to anyone; therefore love is the fulfillment of God's law. (NLB - Romans 13: 8-10)
  3. Lives according to the most important commandment in God's new world: "Love your fellow human beings as yourself!" If you put that into practice, you are doing the right thing. If, on the other hand, you judge rich and poor according to different standards, then you violate God's command and become guilty. (HFA - James 2: 8, 9)
  4. He who does not love has not known God; because God is love. Through this, God's love has become manifest among us, that he sent his only Son into the world. Through him he wanted to give us new life. The unique thing about this love is that we did not love God, but he loved us. He sent his Son to atone for our guilt through his death. Beloved, if God loved us so much, then we too must love one another. (GNB - 1 John 4: 8-11)
  5. My brothers and sisters, what is the value of someone saying, "I trust in God, I have faith!" But they have no good deeds? Can mere belief save him? Suppose you have a brother or sister who has nothing to wear and has to go hungry. What good is it if one of you then says to them: “I wish you the best; I hope you can dress warmly and eat your fill! «- but he doesn't give them what they need to live? It is the same with faith: if he remains alone and no deeds emerge from him, he is dead. So you see that a person is recognized by God as righteous because of his deeds and not just through mere faith. (GNB - James 2: 14-17,24)
  6. If someone should now say: "I love God" and hate his brother or sister, then he is a liar. If he doesn’t love his brothers and sisters whom he can see, how does he want to love God whom he doesn’t see? Do not forget that Christ Himself instructed us: Whoever loves God must also love his brother and sister. (HFA - 1 John 4:20, 21)
  7. Whoever hates his brother is a murderer. And you know that there is no murderer with eternal life. (NLB - 1 John 3:15)
  8. You, human, have long been told what is good and how God wants you to live. He demands nothing else from you than that you adhere to the law, treat each other lovingly and mercifully and lead your life humbly before God. (NLB - Micah 6: 8)
  9. Finally, my dear brothers and sisters, orient yourselves by what is truthful, good and just, what is honest and lovable and has a good reputation, to what is also considered a virtue by your fellow men and deserves praise. (HFA - Philippians 4: 8)
  10. So get away with all bitterness, temper, anger and any kind of insult! Don't yell at each other! Cast off all hostile sentiments! (GNB - Ephesians 4:31)
  11. Don't let any poisonous word escape your lips! It is better to see that you have a good word for the others, where it is needed, that helps and is good for those who hear it. (GNB - Ephesians 4:29)
  12. So put an end to everything that is wrong! Stop lying and pretending to be, envious of, or speaking badly of others. (GNB - 1 Peter 2: 1)
  13. You know: "Whoever longs for the real life and wants to see happy days, watch out for his tongue that he does not say anything bad or devious" (GNB - 1 Peter 3:10)
  14. I tell you this because on Judgment Day you will have to account for every useless word you have spoken. Your words are the yardstick by which you will be acquitted or judged. (HFA - Matthew 12:36, 37)
  15. A person who talks a lot sins easily; he who holds his tongue in check shows understanding. (GNB - Proverbs 10:19)
  16. If you can keep your tongue under control, you protect yourself. A loudmouth is ruined. (HFA - Proverbs 13: 3)
  17. The words of a thoughtless babbler hurt like knife wounds; what a wise man says heals and enlivens. (HFA - Proverbs 12:18)
  18. When you've really learned something, use your words sparingly. A person who can control himself shows that he has reason. Even a fool can be thought to be smart and sensible - if only he could shut up! (GNB - Proverbs 17: 27,28)
  19. The fool gives free rein to anger; the wise can control himself. (GNB - Proverbs 29:11)
  20. Do not take a quick-tempered friend as a friend and do not associate with someone who cannot control himself. Otherwise you will get used to his bad habits and endanger your life. (GNB - Proverbs 22: 24,25)
  21. A beer drinker gets uncomfortably loud and a wine drinker talks nonsense; whoever gets drunk is unreasonable! (HFA - Proverbs 20: 1)
  22. Do you want to know who is constantly moaning and feeling sorry for themselves? Who is always fighting and complaining about others? Who has glassy eyes and injuries that could have been spared? These are the ones who sit with wine until late at night and never miss an opportunity to try a new blend. Don't let the wine seduce you! It sparkles so red in the cup and slides so comfortably through your throat; but then you feel dizzy, like a poisonous snake has bitten you. You see things that don't even exist and you talk stupid things. (GNB - Proverbs 23: 29-33)
  23. “You also know that it was said to our ancestors: You should not swear perjury and you should keep what you promised God with an oath. But I tell you: You shouldn't swear at all! Do not take heaven as a witness, for it is God's throne, nor the earth, for it is his footstool, and also not Jerusalem, for it is the city of the heavenly King. You should not vouch for anything even with your own head; for it is not in your power that even a single hair grow black or white on it. Just say yes or no; every other word comes from the devil. "(GNB - Matthew 5: 33-37)
  24. Most of all, my brothers and sisters, if you want to plead anything, take a swear. Do not swear by heaven or earth or anything else. Your yes must be a yes and your no a no. Otherwise you will succumb to God's judgment. (GNB - James 5:12)
  25. Give thanks to God the Father at all times for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. (GNB - Ephesians 5:20)
  26. Don't babble to yourselves when you pray like people who don't know God do. They believe that if they repeat the words enough times, their prayers will be answered. Don't be like them, because your father knows exactly what you need even before you ask him! (NLB - Matthew 6: 7-8)
  27. Do you think the Lord's arm is too short to help you or the Lord is deaf and cannot hear your cry for help? No, your guilt stands like a wall between you and your God; because of your offenses he has turned away from you and does not hear you! (GNB - Isaiah 59: 1,2)
  28. Those who succumb to temptation should never say, "This temptation comes from God." God does not allow himself to be led into evil, nor does he lead anyone to sin. (NLB - James 1:13)
  29. The great dragon is none other than the devil or Satan, who as a cunning snake has always led the whole world to evil. He and all his angels were thrown down from heaven to earth. Therefore rejoice now, you heavens and everyone who lives in it! But woe to you, earth and sea! The devil has been let loose on you. He snorts with anger; because he knows that he doesn't have much time left. (HFA - Revelation 12: 9-12)
  30. The devil then led him upstairs and showed him all the kingdoms of the world at a glance and said: “I will give you power over all these kingdoms in all their grandeur and splendor. It has been given to me and I can pass it on to whomever I want. "(GNB - Luke 4: 5,6)
  31. We know that we are from God; but the whole world is in the power of the devil. (GNB - 1 John 5:19)
  32. Around this time the disciples came to Jesus and asked him: “Who is the greatest in God's new world?” So Jesus called a child, placed him in their midst and said: “I assure you: If you do not change and become like children, then you cannot enter God's new world at all. Whoever takes it upon himself to stand before people as small and insignificant as this child is the greatest in God's new world. "(GNB - Matthew 18: 1-4)
  33. Some parents brought their children to Jesus to be blessed. But the disciples wanted to send her away. When Jesus noticed this, he became angry: "Let the children come to me and do not hold them back, because God's new world is destined for people like them." (HFA - Mark 10:13, 14)
  34. Then Jesus shared the following parable with a few people who were very self-righteous and treated everyone else with disregard: “Two men went into the temple to pray. One was a Pharisee, the other a tax collector. The proud Pharisee stood there and prayed: `` I thank you, God, that I am not a sinner like other people, like the robbers and the unrighteous, the adulterers or especially like this tax collector! Because I don't cheat on anyone, I don't commit adultery, I fast twice a week and regularly give you a tenth part of my income. 'The tax collector, on the other hand, stopped at a distance and didn't even dare look up while he prayed: `O God, have mercy on me, for I am a sinner. 'I tell you, this sinner - and not the Pharisee - returned home justified before God. For the proud will be humbled, but the humble will be honored ”(NLB - Luke 18: 9-14)
  35. If you want to go high, you fall; Modesty brings respect. (GNB - Proverbs 18:12)
  36. The Lord says: “The wise should not boast about his wisdom, the strong not about his strength, and the rich not about his wealth. Only those who recognize me and understand what I want have reason to boast. Because I am the Lord who creates love, justice and faithfulness on earth! I have joy in people who follow it. "(GNB - Jeremiah 9: 22-23)
  37. Do you know someone who thinks they are wise? I tell you, there is more hope for a fool than for him! (HFA - Proverbs 26:12)
  38. It will be bad for those who consider themselves wise and themselves wise in their eyes. (NLB - Isaiah 5:21)
  39. Because there is no person in the world who behaves right in all situations and never does anything bad. (NLB - Ecclesiastes 7:20)
  40. Do not return evil for evil to other people, but strive for what is good towards everyone. Do your part to live in peace with others as much as possible! Dear friends, never avenge yourselves, but leave the vengeance to the wrath of God. For it is written: “I alone want to take vengeance; I want to repay the injustice, ”says the Lord. (NLB - Romans 12: 17-19)
  41. And never say: “As he was to me, so am I now to him; now I can pay him back for everything! "(NLB - Proverbs 24:29)
  42. Why are you upset about a splinter in your neighbor's eye when you have a beam in your own eye? What right do you have to say, 'My friend, come on, I will help you pull the splinter out of your eye' when you cannot see beyond the beam in your own eye? (NLB - Matthew 7: 3, 4)
  43. So what right do you have to judge another Christian? And why do you look down on him just because he behaves differently? We will all stand before God one day and He will judge us. So it is in the Holy Scriptures: "As I live, says the Lord: Before me all will kneel down, and all will confess that I am the Lord!" So everyone will have to answer to God for himself. (HFA - Romans 14: 10-12)
  44. Only God, who gave the law, can judge righteously. Only he has the power to save or destroy. So what right do you have to judge your neighbor? (NLB - James 4:12)
  45. Do not judge others lest God judge you! For your judgment will fall back on you and you will be measured with the same standard that you apply to others. (GNB - Matthew 7: 1,2)
  46. “Be merciful as your Father is merciful! Do not judge others, then God will not judge you either. If no one is in judgment, then God will not judge you either. Forgive, then God will forgive you. Give, then God will give you; yes, he will give you so richly presents that you cannot grasp everything. Therefore use an abundant measure in relation to others; for God will use the same measure with you. "(GNB - Luke 6: 36-38)
  47. If you forgive those who have harmed you, your Heavenly Father will forgive you too. But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive you either. (NLB - Matthew 6:14, 15)
  48. The new world of God can be compared to a king who wanted to settle accounts with his administrators. One of them was a man who owed him millions. But he couldn't pay that debt. Therefore the king wanted to sell him, his wife, his children and all his possessions in order to get at least part of his money. But the man fell down in front of the king and implored him: 'Lord, have a little more patience! I want to pay for everything. ' The king took pity on this. He released him and canceled his debts. The man was hardly free when he went to one of the other administrators, who owed him a small amount, grabbed him, choked him and shouted: 'Now finally pay your debts!' Then the other fell down in front of him and begged: 'Have a little more patience! I want to pay for everything. ' But the manager did not want to wait and had him thrown in jail until he paid everything. When the others saw what had happened, they were indignant and reported it to the king. Then the king had the administrator come to him and said: 'What a hard-hearted person you are! I forgave you all of your debt because you asked me to. Couldn't you have had mercy on my other steward as I did on you? ' Angry, he handed him over to the torturers. You should not release him until he has repaid all of his debts. In the same way, if you refuse to truly forgive your brother, my Heavenly Father will treat you. (HFA - Matthew 18: 23-35)
  49. Be kind and helpful to one another and forgive one another for what you did to one another, just as God forgave you through Christ for what you did to him. (GNB - Ephesians 4:32)
  50. Whoever has had no mercy himself, God will also judge him mercilessly. But if someone was merciful, then: mercy triumphs over judgment. (GNB - James 2:13)
  51. Those who oppress the weak offend their Creator. Those who stand by the helpless honor God. (GNB - Proverbs 14:31)
  52. He who mocks the poor offends his Creator; those who rejoice in the misfortune of others receive their punishment. (NLB - Proverbs 17: 5)
  53. He who helps the poor lends to the Lord - and he will give him back what he has done! (NLB - Proverbs 19:17)
  54. Remember that the Lord will reward each of us for the good we do, whether we are slaves or free. (NLB - Ephesians 6: 8)
  55. Do not forget to do good and share it with others, because God rejoices in such sacrifices. (NLB - Hebrews 13:16)
  56. Don't just think about yourself in what you do. Above all, think of others and what is good for them. (HFA - 1 Corinthians 10:24)
  57. Do not be selfish; do not strive to make a good impression on others, but be humble and respect others more than yourself. Do not only think about your own business, but also care about others and what they are doing. (NLB - Philippians 2: 3.4)
  58. You'd better watch out! If you are doing good, do not do it publicly just so that you will be admired. If so, do not expect to be rewarded by your Heavenly Father. When you give something to someone in need, don't trumpet it like the hypocrites who show off their benefits in synagogues and on the streets just to attract attention! I assure you, this is the only reward they will ever get for it. (NLB - Matthew 6: 1,2)
  59. Finally, Jesus said to his host: "You should not invite your friends, siblings, relatives or your rich neighbors to dinner. They will thank you and invite you back. Then you have already had your reward.Rather ask the poor, the crippled, the paralyzed and the blind to come to your table. Then you will be happy because you have helped people who cannot show their gratitude to you. God will reward you for raising those from the dead who have lived according to His will "(HFA - Luke 14: 12-14)
  60. Do you think you deserve credit for loving those who love you too? Even sinners do that! And if you only do good to those who do good for you, what is so creditable about that? Even sinners behave like this! Or if you only lend money to those who can pay it back, what is so special about that? Even sinners lend money to their peers in the hope of getting the full amount back. Love your enemies! Do them good! Lend them money! And don't worry because they may not give it back to you. Then your reward in heaven will be great and you really act like children of the Most High, for he also does good to the ungrateful and the wicked. (NLB - Luke 6: 32-35)
  61. If we summarize everything, we come to the result: Take God seriously and obey his commandments! That's all that matters to humans. God will judge everything we do, the good and the bad, even if they are still hidden. (GNB - Ecclesiastes 12:13, 14)
  62. Because we all have to appear before Christ and his judgment seat, where everything will come to light. Then each of us will get what we deserve for the good or bad that we have done in our life. (NLB - 2 Corinthians 5:10)
  63. Nothing in all of creation is hidden from him. Everything is naked and bare before the eyes of God, to whom we must answer for everything. (NLB - Hebrews 4:13)
  64. Because his eyes watch over the ways of man, he sees all his steps. There is no darkness, no matter how dark, in which the evildoer could hide from God. (NLB - Job 34:21, 22)
  65. The eyes of the Lord are everywhere; he sees whether someone is doing wrong or what is right. (GNB - Proverbs 15: 3)
  66. He gives everyone what they deserve for their deeds. Just as everyone leads their life, God lets it be for them. (NLB - Job 34:11)
  67. Whoever digs a pit for others, hollowing them out as deep as he can, is digging his own grave. His malice falls back on himself, his misdeeds become his undoing. (GNB - Psalm 7:16, 17)
  68. The day of the Lord for all peoples is coming soon! How you behaved, that is how you will be treated. Your misdeeds will fall back on you. (NLB - Obadja 15)
  69. For the day has already been set on which God will judge all people; yes, he will pass a righteous judgment through the one man whom he himself has appointed. God proved this by raising him from the dead. (HFA - Acts 17:31)
  70. We do not need to write anything to you about the question of when this will happen, brothers and sisters, or when it will be closer. You yourself know very well that the day of the Lord comes as unpredictably as a thief in the night. When people say, "Everything is calm and safe," suddenly God's devastating judgment will come upon them, like labor pains over a pregnant woman. There is no escape from it. (GNB - 1 Thessalonians 5: 1-3)
  71. Nobody knows when the end will come, neither the angels in heaven nor the Son. Only the Father knows the day and the hour. When the Son of Man comes, the earth will be like it was in Noah's time when the great flood came. Back then, people only thought of eating, drinking and getting married. Even when Noah got on the ark, people didn't believe in the calamity until the flood swept them all away. It will be the same with the coming of the Son of Man. (HFA - Matthew 24: 36-39)
  72. He did not spare the earlier world either - with the exception of Noah and the seven members of his family. Noah had warned the world about God's righteous judgment. Then God destroyed the world by a tremendous flood and all wicked people perished in it. He later reduced the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to rubble and ashes and exterminated them from the earth. Using their example, he showed how wicked people will fare. (NLB - 2 Peter 2: 5, 6)
  73. So be awake and be ready! Because you do not know on what day or at what time the Son of Man will come. (HFA - Matthew 25:13)
  74. But from heaven God's wrath becomes visible against all wickedness and injustice of people who reject the truth. In doing so, they know about God; God himself gave them this knowledge. Since the creation of the world, people have seen the earth and heaven and everything that God created, and can clearly recognize him, the invisible God, in his eternal power and his divine nature. Therefore, they have no excuse for not knowing God. (NLB - Romans 1: 18-20)
  75. “But if the criminal turns back and leaves the evil that he has done, if he obeys all my commandments and does what is right, then he too will live and not have to die. All the evil he used to do doesn't count towards him. Because he did what was right afterwards, he stays alive. Do you think I would enjoy it when a person dies because of his offenses? ”Says the Lord God. "No, I am happy when he turns from his wrong path and stays alive!" (GNB - Ezekiel 18: 21-23)
  76. Man is ephemeral like grass, he feels like a flower in the steppe: A hot wind comes - she is gone, and where she stood there is no trace of her. (GNB - Psalm 103:15, 16)
  77. How ephemeral is a person! How short is his life and how much suffering he has to bear! Like a flower it blooms for one moment and withers the next. It disappears like a shadow and does not last. (NLB - Job 14: 1,2)
  78. If something caught my eye that I wanted, I took it. I did not deny myself a single joy. And I was happy with all the efforts I had - it was, as it were, a side reward for my efforts. But when I scrutinized everything I had acquired with my hands and countered the effort I had put into it, I realized that it was all pointless. It was as useless as trying to catch the wind. There is no lasting profit in this world. (NLB - Ecclesiastes 2:10, 11)
  79. What does a person get if he wins the whole world, but ultimately loses his life? (GNB - Mark 8:36)
  80. It is to despair! As he came, he has to go again. So what does he get from his hard work - it's all in vain! (HFA - Ecclesiastes 5:15)
  81. Because we came into this world without any possessions, and that's exactly how we will leave it again. If we can eat and dress, we should be satisfied. (HFA - 1 Timothy 6: 7-8)
  82. So do not be afraid if someone gets richer and their house becomes more and more splendid. Because when he dies he does not take any of it with him, his wealth does not follow him to the grave. (NLB - Psalm 49:17, 18)
  83. Those who are attached to money never get enough of it. Those who love wealth always want more. The same applies here: all in vain! (GNB - Ecclesiastes 5: 9)
  84. Do not try to get rich with all your might; be smart and don't waste your time doing it. Because wealth can suddenly disappear - it gets wings like an eagle and flies away. (NLB - Proverbs 23: 4,5)
  85. Sell ​​what you have and give it to those in need. This is how you collect treasures in heaven! And heaven's wallets have no holes. Your treasure is safe there - no thief can steal it and no moth can eat it. (NLB - Luke 12:33)
  86. When Jesus wanted to go on, a man ran up to him, threw himself on his knees in front of him and asked, "Good teacher, what do I have to do to get eternal life?" Jesus replied: "Why do you call me good? There is only one who is good, and that is God. You know his commandments: You should not kill! You should not commit adultery! You should not steal! Do not say anything untrue over your fellow man! You shall not deceive! Honor your father and your mother! " "Teacher," replied the young man, "I have kept these commandments from my youth." Jesus looked at him full of love: "You are still missing something: Sell everything you have and give the money to the poor. You will gain wealth in heaven that will never be lost. And then come and follow me!" The man was deeply affected by this demand. He went away sad because he was very rich. (HFA - Mark 10: 17-22)
  87. Then he turned to everyone: "Beware of greed! If someone has so much money, he cannot buy his life with it." Using an example, he explained to his audience what he meant by that: "A rich landowner had a particularly good harvest. He thought: 'Where should I put everything? My barns are full; nothing goes in there.' He decided, "I'm going to tear down the old barns and build new ones, so big that I can put all the grain, yes, everything I have in them. Then I want to retire. I've taken care of things for a long time. Now. Now." I enjoy myself. I want to eat and drink well and enjoy my life! ' But God said to him: "You fool! You will die this night. Who will then get all the wealth you have accumulated?" So it will be for everyone who collects riches on earth but stands empty-handed before God. " (HFA - Luke 12: 15-21)
  88. Stop loving this world and what it offers you! Because whoever loves the world shows that the Father's love is not in him. Because the world only knows the need for physical satisfaction, the greed for everything our eyes see, and the pride in our possessions. All of this is not from the Father, but comes from the world. But this world is passing away with all its temptations. But whoever does the will of God will live forever. (NLB - 1 John 2: 15-17)
  89. Whoever loves their life in this world will lose it. Whoever disregards his life in this world will preserve it for eternal life. (NLB - John 12:25)
  90. At least the living know that they have to die one day. The dead don't know anything anymore. Your services will not be rewarded; because nobody thinks of them anymore. (GNB - Ecclesiastes 9: 5)
  91. Anything you can do with your strength enough, do it! Because in the realm of the dead, wherever you will go, there is neither doing nor thinking, neither knowledge nor wisdom. (HFA - Ecclesiastes 9:10)
  92. Death came into the world through the guilt of one person. Likewise, the resurrection comes through one person. All people must die because they are descendants of Adam. Likewise, all are resurrected to new life through association with Christ. (HFA - 1 Corinthians 15:21, 22)
  93. Do not be surprised! The time will come when the dead in their graves will hear the voice of the Son of God and will be resurrected. Those who have done good will be resurrected to eternal life, and those who have done bad will be resurrected to judgment. (NLB - John 5:28, 29)
  94. Like my accusers, I have the hope that God will raise all people from death - both those who served Him and those who did not want to hear from him. (HFA - Acts 24:15)
  95. Then the blind can see again and the deaf hear again. Then the paralyzed man jumps like a deer and the dumb man cheers with joy. Springs break up in the desert and streams pour through the steppe. (GNB - Isaiah 35: 5,6)
  96. They do not suffer from hunger or thirst, and heat and sunshine do not harm them. Because I have mercy on them and lead them to gushing springs. (HFA - Isaiah 49:10)
  97. He will wipe away all of her tears. There will be no more death and no more sadness, no more lamentation and no more torture. What was once is gone forever. (GNB - Revelation 21: 4)
  98. No one in the country will complain that he is plagued by illness and weakness; for the guilt of the people is forgiven. (GNB - Isaiah 33:24)
  99. Then your body will be fresh and strong again, just as it was in your youth. (GNB - Job 33:25)
  100. Then the wolf and the lamb will live together in harmony; the leopard and the goat will camp together. Calf, lion and beef cattle become friends and a little boy will herd them. The cow and the bear will graze together. Your boys will rest next to each other. The lion will eat straw like cattle. The infant plays at the otter's loophole. Yes, a toddler puts his hand in a poisonous snake cave. In all my holy mountain no one will do any harm or cause harm, for as the water fills the sea, so the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord. (NLB - Isaiah 11: 6-9)