What's next for the F16

At Fighter Wing Skrydstrup you can experience the F16 planes up close

As something very special, the Fighter Wing Skrydstrup invites tourists to a guided tour through the military air base this year. Come in behind the fence and experience life on a military site that is normally closed to the public.

Fighter Wing Skrydstrup is the location of the Danish flight squadron of F-16 fighter aircraft and the many people who work with the aircraft on a daily basis. The tour takes place in a bus with an air base employee as a guide. On the way there are several stops and you get the opportunity to get very close to an F-16 fighter. As one of the first stops, the bus drives close to the runway of the Bus Air Base in the hope of catching the daily start of the F-16s. The content of the tour depends on the operational tasks of the Fighter Wing on that day.

The T-17 Saab Supporter propeller aircraft is located at the Fighter Wing Skrydstrup and is used for training and transport purposes. There is always a rescue helicopter ready to help with searches and accidents in southern Denmark. The fire brigade of the Fighterwing Skrydstrup base also has the task of saving lives in aircraft accidents, building fires, traffic accidents, other forms of accidents and accidents involving hazardous substances. The fire brigade and rescue service have a number of different vehicles - from fire engines to clearing vehicles and special vehicles. The vehicles with the bright yellow color are used daily at or around the airfield.

The entire Fighter Wing Skrydstrup area is 856 hectares, which corresponds to more than 1,700 football fields. Fighter Wing Skrydstrup has 3 runways, each 3.5 km in length. The widths of the runways are respectively: 25 m, 35 m and 50 m. On the widest runway, 2 aircraft can take off and land at the same time.

Carts, prams and the like cannot be brought along. Recommended for ages 7 and up. In the event of a military operation, the tour will be canceled.
Unfortunately, the tour cannot take place with fewer than ten participants.

Meeting point: Military tarmac near Ribevej 38, 6500 Vojens, GPS coordinates: N 55.242171 O 9.259497
All guests must bring their passport.
Please include the names and passport numbers of all participants in the comment field.

The tour is in Danish and English
The tour is from 12.30 p.m. to 3 p.m.