What are the most underrated makeup brands

9 of the Best Cheap Makeup Brands That Are Seriously Underestimated

Generally speaking, when we talk about the best makeup brands we know, drugstore makeup is mentioned for its affordability and accessibility. Being able to walk to the nearest pharmacy on the corner and grab a new lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, foundation - or anything really - is really a revelation sometimes when you really need it. (Hey, this is how Cardi B's makeup artist discovered the greatness of the Milani Foundation.) Beauty is usually one of those markets where price can really skew perspective anyway, with luxury travel labels making you think so because of it what is expensive is that it works - as is Emporer's new clothes. While "affordable" means different things for everyone, "drugstore beauty" definitely means the same thing to all of us: a price that exceeds about $ 10 to me, anything over $ 15 is against the purpose of drugstore shopping . So many of the best makeup brands are only sold direct online or have less ubiquitous in-store placement than the typical drugstore brand - but they may even be better than Our Drug Store Favorites, often for as much or less money. It is noteworthy that many of the big drugstore folks are not cruel free. Lame. Many brands adjacent to drugstores are certified cruelty free. (All on this list certainly are.) So, you get all of the drugstore pricing perks, even better formulas (yes I said it), no animal testing, and wider hues than the drugstore foundations (which never seem deep enough anyway). The idea of ​​"drugstore beauty" is evolving, and these are the brands on the verge of great, affordable makeup enhancement.

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