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Spider web

Spider web concept

What is a web spider?

The spider web is just one of the various names that are given Web crawler. It is also known as an indexer or indexer and consists of computer programs that are responsible for fully automatic checking of the entire structure of the network network.

Operation is easier than it seems. These computer spiders first enter a certain list of web addresses in order to recognize all the hyperlinks contained therein and thus add them to this list, which they constantly access according to a certain pattern and comply with certain rules. Most common is a simple sequential method that the spider uses to discover new links, recognize them, and register them for a later visit. Then access these new ones as well and check whether more are gradually added to expand the registry.

They therefore help search engines to recognize portals to be positioned as well as to know other aspects such as broken links or even to carry out much simpler tasks, which we will talk about in one of the following sections.

The spider web is practically the responsible person for whom we see the new pages that appear on the internet every time. Without them, the detection mechanism as we know it would not be there at all, and things would probably be much more complicated on the network of networks.

What is a web spider for?

As already mentioned, the task of the web spider is to recognize new pages and links in order to register them and notify them to various search engines and / or platforms. Despite everything, there are more specific uses that may be useful for different areas of the public.

These spiders or indexers can be used to check the status of a page through its links or even find the best prices for one or more products through various online catalogs.

Examples of using a spider web

The clearest spider we can see is that of Google. Thanks to this, the search engine can recognize any online portal and, moreover, know every new update at the moment, even if it consists of new pages added to its network.

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Despite everything, there are other examples such as Scrapy or Heritrix that perform similar functions and are fully active.

More information about Spider Web

Given their importance, it is more than likely that you wonder more about these well-known indexers than web spiders. To help you a little more, we are going to give you several reference links with more content and details about these programs, which are so present and at the same time so hidden in the network of networks.