What is glassine

Glassine (glassine)

Glassine bags, glassine envelopes, glassine flat bags, glassine bottom bags, blanks, brochure covers, transparent covers, and much more made of glassine

Transparent, but not entirely transparent, cellulose-based paper, mostly undyed, but also white or colored for special applications. Specialty: unbleached glassine "ECHO Natur ®"

The processing of glassine is one of our particular strengths. We use them to make flat bags, but also many other items such as bottom bags, pleated bags, transparent covers and brochure covers. You can also obtain glassine from us in rolls or in the formats you require.

Technical characteristics
Weight per unit area: mostly 40 g / m² to 60 g / m², for special applications also 20 g / m² to 90 g / m²
Food safe, completely tasteless and odorless, greaseproof
PH-neutral (PH value 6-8), chlorine- and acid-free and plasticizer-free, therefore suitable for long-term archiving
Suitable for steam sterilization
High tear resistance
also available in different embossing (linen embossing, "silk worm", "spider")

Area of ​​application
Food packaging
Archiving of films and documents
Liner paper in photo and postage stamp albums
Viewing window in envelopes
Craft paper

Environmental aspects
Made from pure cellulose, (obtained from spruce wood; predominantly thinning wood, no clear cuts)
Biological cleaning of the process water before it is returned to the natural water cycle.
100% recyclable and completely compostable
maintains transparency and surface smoothness due to mechanical treatment, not chemical additives
can easily be disposed of with the waste paper

further names
Glassine, glassine, glassine paper, glassine paper, glassine, greaseproof paper, glassine bags, glassine bags, glassine bags, glassine bags, transparent paper