Has Google restrictions

Restrictions in the Google my Business functions due to COVID-19 / Corona

Location data changes

Due to the high number of changes to location data, all changes made by companies that are part of primary health care are now prioritized and published. In addition, information on opening times and services offered is preferred for all confirmed entries in the manual check.

Newly created / adopted / confirmed entries
The Google support team checks all newly created, newly accepted or newly confirmed entries that belong to basic medical care separately and manually. This can lead to delays in all other industries.

Reviews and questions & answers
Currently, the evaluation, evaluation response and questions & answers functions are no longer used by Google. The evaluation function and the questions & answers function will be discontinued in order to relieve the server and to better prioritize incoming inquiries.

What does that mean for you?
With BusinessListing you keep your entries up to date. There may be delays in the event of changes that do not affect the opening times or the services offered, but your changes will be published as soon as Google allows it. We will keep you up to date on news, especially about the deactivated rating function.

If you have any questions, you can reach your project manager at the number you know or our customer service at 0911 95 159 200 or [email protected]