Will a deer eat candy canes

DIY: window decoration with snow and deer

December is advancing and the candle-lit window sills of our neighbors are decorated more opulently from day to day. Window decoration as far as the eye can see. "Mom, why don't our windows look so glittering?" I hear now often, very often ...
Of course, I couldn't let that sit on me. Look what I've conjured up.

The focus of my winter window decoration idea is a long branchI almost fell over one morning. As with “three nuts for Cinderella”, that cannot be a coincidence! So I drag the branch with me and hold it in the window. Fits! Now all that's missing is the very personal tree hangings. Marvel, you unimaginative neighbors! My tree decorations that are normal baking molds. I glue the edge very thinly with craft glue and glue the molds on Photos of children.

tip: It looks nice and harmonious when you keep all photos in one color world, I have decided on black and white here. You don't need to be a professional in image editing to do this. This is very easy with the image effects in the editor.

Using nail scissors, I cut out the photos along the shapes and put them out to dry. A piece of cardboard must be used for the second eye-catcher on the branch. Letters that have been printed out, cut out and coated with glue are given a woolen coat made of white threads. Winding technology, like it used to be in school!

After the photo molds have each received a ribbon with a Schwupps hot glue, they can alternate with the wool letters on the branch. One or two scoops and candy canes, snow spray, done. Well, not quite, because to top it off, a little clay moose is added by using the hot glue gun. Now WE have the most beautiful Window decoration. That's what the kids say too. Lucky!

You can make tree decorations out of cookie shapes here read up.


"We've never tried that before, so I'm sure it'll be fine." (Pippi Longstocking)