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  1. UPS package lost: Apply for compensation online
  2. Report a lost or damaged UPS package
  3. How long does a UPS investigation take?

UPS package lost: Apply for compensation online

With the UPS parcel service, all complaints and their processing status can be tracked online. This is a great advantage over other parcel services because the customer remains up to date and does not have the feeling that a complaint is being sent.

► Registered users can find the UPS online complaint process at

Complaints can take several weeks to process even with UPS, but UPS is not known for delaying tactics. For example, other parcel services keep requesting new documents from the customer in order to delay the processing of a case (intentionally or unintentionally). UPS's Paketda editorial team is not aware of such cases.

Complaint management at UPS has been completely digitalized. That means customers can request research online. It is not necessary to submit paper forms.

Another advantage: UPS accepts loss reports from the sender and recipient of a package. Other parcel services often only accept loss reports from the sender, although this contradicts Section 421 of the German Commercial Code (HGB).

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Report a lost or damaged UPS package

Please use the website to report a damaged or undelivered UPS package.

The website can also be used to complain about a late delivery UPS express package. UPS guarantees a fixed delivery date for express parcels. If the promise is not kept, the sender can ask for a postage refund as part of the money-back guarantee. More on this in our separate guide.

In the opinion of the Paketda editors, it is easier to complain about lost parcels than damaged parcels. In the event of damage, a check is carried out to determine whether the damage can be attributed to inadequate packaging and padding of the package. If so, UPS will refuse to pay compensation.

If a package is lost, UPS has little leeway to deny its own guilt. Either the package has arrived at the recipient or it has not. If not, UPS is liable for damages.

The amount of compensation can be a sticking point. The customer must prove the value of the lost package contents; ideally with a purchase receipt or invoice. UPS is mainly used by corporate customers and rarely by private customers. For corporate customers, it is usually possible to submit a suitable proof of value without any problems.

Proof of value can be more difficult for private customer parcels. In the case of an eBay sale, a screenshot of the eBay auction in conjunction with a screenshot of the PayPal payment is usually sufficient. If it is not a sales transaction and there are no receipts / receipts for the contents of the package, the value must be estimated. So that UPS can understand the estimates, please compile a list with the exact product names of the goods in the package.

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How long does a UPS investigation take?

UPS specifies an average processing time of 2 weeks. 3 to 4 weeks are also possible for international parcels.

You can view the processing status of the research online at

If you haven't heard anything new from UPS for an unusually long time, call UPS Customer Service and inquire about any missing documents.

If UPS refuses to pay damages or has overcharged the damages, you can take legal action. For private customers, legal advice is possible at a consumer advice center; corporate customers should seek legal support directly.

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