How do I roll a joint

The Ultimate Guide to Rolling the Perfect Joint - Even as a Beginner!

As a cannabis user, being able to roll a nice joint is one of the most important skills. Even if bongs or pipes are the favorite form of consumption for many stoners, glass is quite expensive, heavy and can easily break during transport.

Joints, on the other hand, are the exact opposite. Today we will show you how you can roll a perfect joint even as a beginner, various rolling techniques and a few tricks so that you will always succeed in the perfect joint in the future!

The preparations for the perfect joint

Before you learn how to "build" a joint, you need to think about how to prepare your cannabis for it. What do you need? Just a piece of paper and some grass!

Some smokers like to use grinders, and you really can't go wrong with that. You should only be careful not to grind the grass too finely so as not to end up clogging the filter with resin - but this only happens very rarely.

Apart from that, good papes and a suitable mat are helpful so that your shredded grass is not spread across the table. A joint has the obvious advantages over a bong that it is smoky afterwards and nothing needs to be cleaned.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Beginners - How to Roll a Joint!

In this section you will get an absolutely beginner-friendly guide for building a nice "bag". We do not use professional tricks or special equipment to make it as easy as possible for everyone to copy.

Step 1: shred your weed

Before you can roll your joint, you have to grind your weed (please don't smoke hemp leaves, it's not worth it). A (not too fine) grinder is usually suitable for this, it is also possible with your bare hands, albeit a bit more time-consuming. Scissors or other similar utensils can also help you with this. It is advisable to just try it out a little, then you will quickly find your preferred method. Make sure to clean the grinder every now and then so you can use it for a long time.

Step 2: fill your joint with crushed cannabis

Next you take your paper and fill it with the shredded grass. You put the filter at one end of the paper, you will find out how to build one below. Make sure to position the adhesive strip upwards so that you can roll it up easily at the end.

As a rule, 0.3-0.5 grams are suitable - a scale can be quite helpful here. While you hold your filled paper with one hand, you can shape the joint a little with the other hand by evenly distributing the marijuana.

Many beginners build joints with a "big belly" - you later regret that when you smoke, which is why the time invested in a properly rolled joint is really worthwhile.

Step 3: shape the joint and spread the weed

When you have “loaded” your joint, now is the time to roll it properly. To do this, take the whole thing between your thumb and finger with both hands and gently roll it back and forth until the shape of a joint crystallizes. It'll be done soon!

Step 4: finally roll the joint

So far so good, now comes the hardest part of building a joint. Start by curling up the non-sticky side a little. Then moisten the adhesive strip a little (with saliva, for example) and start rolling the joint on the side of the filter around the filter. The filter automatically ensures the round shape. If this part holds up well, you can gradually complete the joint from the bottom up by gradually pressing the adhesive strip down.

How to build a classic W filter - even for beginners!

Filters or tips ensure that you do not inhale any small parts while smoking. In addition, the joint can be held here easily, so without a filter the last part of a joint could not be smoked. In addition, without a filter it can often happen that the end is clogged with resin and there is no longer a good draft.

Thin, but strong pieces of paper, such as business cards, are best for this. Some papers also have filter papers with them that are precisely designed for this purpose. Empty paper packaging is also suitable.

You then rotate the filter by folding the thin paper like a small accordion (or like a "W") and then rolling it around it. Just make sure it doesn't get too thick or too thin to turn into a joint later.

Activated carbon filters are a good alternative to hand-rolled filters. These save you having to build the filter and are also significantly healthier without having to compromise on effectiveness.