How detrimental to the rebuilding was Andrew Johnson

When it was then now - a look back at history: It happened on February 24th

In the USA, an impeachment against the president is started for the first time, the NSDAP is founded and an alleged air strike panics Los Angeles - that happened on February 24th:

1868: The US House of Representatives is launching impeachment proceedings against the President for the first time. Andrew Johnson is charged with attempting to unlawfully remove the Secretary of War without consulting the Senate. The background to this is the disputes between the Democrat Johnson and the Republicans in Congress over reconstruction after the civil war, in particular Johnson's refusal to give the former slaves full civil rights. The impeachment fails in the Senate, but Johnson is so politically battered that his party does not run him for re-election that same year.

1920: The German Workers 'Party is renamed the National Socialist German Workers' Party. Adolf Hitler presents the NSDAP's new 25-point program in the Hofbräuhaus in Munich. Among other things, it calls for the repeal of the Versailles Treaty, the formation of an authoritarian ruled Greater German Empire and the expatriation of the Jews.

1942: After a warning from the Navy secret service and the sighting of lights in the night sky, an aerial alarm is given in Los Angeles in the evening. The city is darkened, anti-aircraft guns shoot at supposed Japanese attackers for an hour. Some buildings and vehicles are damaged by the air defense, five civilians die in accidents or heart attacks as a result of the chaotic conditions in the city. The following day, the armed forces announced that what is now known as the "Battle of Los Angeles" was due to a false alarm. It remains unclear what triggered this. The US Department of Aviation History came to the conclusion in the 1980s that the sighting of weather balloons was the cause.

1945: Immediately after he announced in parliament that he would join the war on the side of the Allies, the Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Maher Pasha was shot dead by an assassin. The motives of the perpetrator Mahmoud El Essawy remain unclear at first, he is accused of being a Nazi sympathizer or a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Before the execution, he declares that he belongs to an opposition group that is fighting for a constitutional monarchy.

2008: After Fidel Castro resigns from office, his brother Raúl is elected head of state and government by parliament.