What is the unique form of the police

Police introduce new forgery-proof ID cards

Replacement for Green ID card in paper form

The new electronic ID card in a handy credit card format was presented on May 3rd by the Lower Saxony Minister for the Interior and Sport, Boris Pistorius, and the ZPD. After more than 34 years of use, the modern ID will replace the green ID card in paper form. The handy ID card is available in the same, unmistakable form for all employees of the police administration and for employees in the police force throughout Lower Saxony.

High level of protection against counterfeiting

They have unique security features and enable ID card holders to use further digital options. Various details ensure a high level of protection against forgery and indicate the authenticity of the document at first glance. In addition to a photo and the name of the owner, there are five holograms on the front that show the coat of arms of Lower Saxony, which becomes visible depending on the tilt angle. On the front there is also a geographical image with the outline of Lower Saxony, which changes between blue and purple depending on the incidence of light.

An overview of all security features can be found in the presentation of the ZPD Lower Saxony.

The criminal service badge remains valid and can, in addition to the new ID card, be shown by the detectives. However, it is not considered a substitute.

(Posted on May 3, 2021)