What makes designers reject or abandon projects

Open letter to www .desi gnen .de

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> Compulsory internship during your studies
I would be very for. Especially since students sometimes (!) Do not learn how to work properly with color spaces, write PDFs or spate a telephone number until they graduate. ;-).
Here too: the market. There are more applicants than positions and that is going to be much, much, much, much more crude in the next few years. Which a) ensures that the freelancers and I-AG agencies will ruin each other's prices b) internships will soon be rather unpaid and c) platforms like 99designs will be very, very successful.

Especially since these platforms only inflate an idea that is EH established. The pitch. Whether you as a theater ask 20 agencies to make you a logo or 500 designers show their ideas online - the only difference is that you can comfortably click through it online at home without long blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah something and no designer can talk you into your decision. In other words: The trend of recent years that the individual TASTE of the customer decides (I like the round, but is it also possible in blue?), Is only continued here. Basically it is the development from bespoke tailoring to a large fashion department store. It is only a matter of time before larger jobs also run, for which established shops can also argue for a budget online in a kind of separate area.

The customer can only be happy. It is a beautiful, classic capitalist situation - few buyers, many suppliers. That pushes the price down. With pitches, there is already a price war, extrapolate that to platforms where standardized environments make the customer the sole decision maker.

But that's how it will go. Or do you really let a salesperson explain to you for a long time when buying pants which pants are ideal? JUST the anonymity of these platforms, especially the Ruckzuckwhambam, especially the freedom of advice, is what ultimately makes the customer attractive. Fast food design, sure - but McDonalds also works from an economic point of view. And yes, that's a shame, and yes, that's a bit cynical ... but that's the way the system is. It's just that a protective bubble that has surrounded our industry for a long time is slowly bursting away and we have been like many other areas for a long time (which is why, for example, as a pop musician you can basically hardly make any money This is hardly a "job" in the classic sense).

And let's not kid ourselves, a lot of the works on these crowd sites are so creepy interchangeable and arbitrary and just GRAPHIC as very very very very very much design is currently. Take a look at the logos there and the trending things of the last few years - it's not always THAT different. Any graphic pattern or pseudo-matching things ... you can also find both at agencies. In design it is unfortunately often the case that things prevail that are NOT good, but rather mediocre, that have no corners, do not need long explanations, and do not burden the brain. And that is exactly what is best served here.

The reaction of the design elite to this is, funnily enough, to produce designs that look as little as possible like designs that are “vernacular”. The «laymen» imitate Wolff Olins from 10 years ago, the professionals make strangely junky designs in which Courier and Times are used as «ironic».

As an industry, such online offers put us under pressure to improve, in need of explanations, in the need to justify ourselves.

Nothing better can happen to us.