Which man has the most beautiful eyes

According to the study: Men find this combination of eye and hair color the most attractive

The fact that men have certain visual preferences is nothing new - after all, we have them too. While for many of us sporty types with full hair and a wicked three-day beard or stars like Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Channing Tatum are perhaps the epitome of attractiveness, So far we have assumed that men are more into the busty, blue-eyed blonde type. But you thought wrong! The results of a study refuted the Pamela Anderson myth and a survey found that a very specific combination of eye and hair color is decisive for whether the types perceive a woman as particularly attractive. Whether blonde and brown-eyed, brunette with blue eyes or red-haired and green-eyed - now the solution follows

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What combination of eye and hair color do men find attractive?

No question: Every woman is beautiful, no matter what color of eyes or hair she has, and therefore you should not be unsettled in any way by the following results. Tastes are very different and even if you don't have this combination, numerous types are guaranteed to love your unique charisma. But now back to the British survey by the online platform Badoo, the result of which is quite surprising. For the investigation 2,000 men were asked about their eye and hair color preferences. It turned out that 59.7 percent of the guys like ladies with dark mane à la brunette or black - so much too blonde, which is 29.5 percent in the middle of the field before red. Look me in the eye: In this category the blue variant is way ahead with 40.2 percentfollowed by shades of brown and green. If you bring these two preferences together, you finally come to the conclusion that the Interplay of dark hair and blue eyes as in model Miranda Kerr or actress Meghan FoxPerceived by guys as particularly attractive. But as already said: Every woman is attractive in her own way.

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