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Multiplication of fractions

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Here's how to multiply by fractions.

Multiplying fractions

A fraction is part of a whole. When you multiply two fractions together, you break the first fraction into even smaller parts.
Fractions are multiplied by multiplying the numerator by the numerator and the denominator by the denominator.

Multiply and shorten

You can sometimes shorten before multiplying two fractions. You can shorten within a fraction, but also between the two fractions that are multiplied together.
Always abbreviate only one number in the numerator against one number in the denominator!
You can shorten even more!

Multiplying a natural number by a fraction

You can convert a natural number into a fraction with the denominator 1. Then you can multiply the two fractions; in these tasks, you can sometimes convert the end result back to a natural number or a mixed number.

Multiplying mixed numbers

When you want to multiply mixed numbers, you convert them to improper fractions first. Then you can continue calculating in the same way as when multiplying fractions.

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