Do boxer dogs shed in the spring

The boxer has a short, hard, shiny and close-fitting coat (breed standard). Regular brushing removes dust and dandruff, loosens dead hair and is important not only when the coat is changing, but should be done all year round.

The boxer changes his coat twice a yearin spring and autumn. In spring the hair is more intense than in autumn, because the winter coat is thicker. The entire hair change, loss and new growth, can take between six and seven weeks. In young animals, the change of coat usually takes place faster than in old ones.

Since you are not a fanatic of cleanliness, you are not bothered by the flying hair; you can still help your boxer change coat. If you normally do "a pretty boxer" once a week, you can now feel free to use a brush every day. For me, a studded curry comb has proven itself. This has the advantage that the brushed hairs are wonderfully entangled and can then be removed easily like a "fleece".

Already get used to yours Boxer puppies to the procedure of brushing, where I would then start with a baby brush or a soft knobbed glove. Be playful and praise him when he keeps still. The aim is for him to find brushing pleasant.

Brushing is always done "with the grain", i.e. in the direction of the fur.

A beautiful, shiny coat is always a sign of a healthy dog

Continuous bathing is neither necessary nor useful for your boxer.
A full bath, i.e. with shampoo and all the piping, should only be done when your boxer is in a good mood in something really disgusting, such as a dead fish. If it is just a little dirty because it was frolicking in a puddle, then a shower with clear, lukewarm water or, in summer, washing off with a garden hose is sufficient.

It is important that you rub your boxer dry when it is soaked (even after a walk in the pouring rain, for example), especially in the kidney area!

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