How does Amazon work

How does the Amazon marketplace work?

The Amazon marketplace promises its partners access to millions of potential customers and incomparable visibility as well as the use of its know-how and various services.


The way the Amazon marketplace works is relatively simple. You are there in just four steps:


  1. Create an account on Amazon Seller Central. This is the user interface for managing your professional seller account. In return for a monthly subscription of € 39 excluding VAT and sales fees, which are deducted from the sales amount, you receive the right to offer Internet users an unlimited number of articles by registering.
  2. Add your product descriptions to the Amazon marketplace. You can use the existing references or create new ones (provided you have an EAN code for each new product). The use of a feed manager like Lengow is strongly recommended: this tool allows you to send your product catalogs with the certainty that the platform-specific attributes have been correctly filled in.
  3. Manage your orders through the Amazon Seller Central user interface or, more efficiently, through your Lengow feed manager. You benefit from numerous marketing and reporting tools to optimize your sales and better control your presence on the Amazon marketplace.
  4. Ship your goods. You can send the sold products yourself or you can commission a platform with this task: In the latter case, you have the option "Fulfillment by Amazon" (Fulfillment by Amazon) chosen. This tremendous logistics tool allows you to achieve considerable savings in storage and to be able to operate throughout Europe without having a branch on site.


However, this particularly simple process does not save you from doing marketing to put your products in the foreground on the Amazon marketplace. You need to maintain your product descriptions; make sure they meet the requirements of the platform (using a feed manager); bring out customer ratings; or invest in advertising to get your articles ranked well in internal search results.