Where does true happiness begin?

Apparent vs. True Happiness: Do You Know the Difference?

In my texts I always use the words luck and happiness. When I do not differentiate between “superficial” and “true” happiness, I mean “true happiness”. But why do we have to make a distinction? Why is happiness not always true happiness and how can we create a true happiness within that is constant and does not need any outside ingredients?

The explanation is very simple, even if it is possible that you still cannot imagine anything under true happiness. We can only imagine something in terms of things that we have experienced ourselves. If so, however, a flame may come on within you, suspecting that this is the right path for you.

Apparent happiness

Apparent happiness is what we are currently learning from society. It is at the center of upbringing, education, politics and of course the economy, which makes its money with it. I also earn my money with it, but there is a very big difference between my literature and that of many of my colleagues. I'll get to that in a moment.

What do we learn from society? Learn a job, be a role model, have a good reputation, be beautiful, dress decently, have good grades, follow rules, have many possessions, have many friends, and consume (food, drugs, information, sex, etc.).

All of these things have two central properties:

  1. you are temporarily and thus ephemeral
  2. You need to from aoutside be brought about (again and again)

We can always use these two properties to check whether our happiness is only apparent happiness. Whenever it is not permanent and comes from outside, be it a piece of cake or a friendship that exists outside, then it is only apparent happiness.

The problem with this is that we are afraid of losing the things (on the outside) that give us short-term happiness. We are afraid of looking bad in front of others, of being marginalized, of losing our status or property, or of not getting enough of what makes us “happy”.

True happiness

Real happiness is free from these things. True happiness is constant, you can feel it within you and amplify it whenever you want, wherever you want; regardless of the life situation. You can be overjoyed on the street or you can be a rich manager, it doesn't matter anymore. All the things that previously played a role in matters of happiness are gone: recognition, image, finances, career, etc.

Nothing more needs to be done for it or brought about from outside, because you are "happiness". So the way is to realize that all the things that seem to make us happy are only keeping us from true happiness.

You find true happiness in you. On the one hand, it is the realization that we and our society have been conditioned to seemingly happy. So all thoughts and actions do not arise from our true selves. We are not, it is an illusion.

On the other hand, true happiness is the ability to love and feel yourself. One way to do this is through meditation, in which you not only break away from obsessive-compulsive thinking, but also strengthen the connection to your body and your true self. Of course it's a long process.

We recognize true happiness by the following characteristics, which form the basis:

  1. It springs from just from within
  2. It's just there

Because it arises from within, it has nothing, really nothing to do with the outside. It is completely independent of the respective life situation. When a person has come this far in his spiritual development, he does not have to do anything more for it. Happiness is then just there, he carries it with him everywhere and can amplify it and feel it as he likes.

Because a spiritual development is necessary for this true happiness, in which we put all deceptions aside, recognize our true selves and learn to love ourselves, so few people have the motivation to walk this path. Consuming is just easier, that's why our economy is running halfway, but there is already a slump because people are starting to wake up.

Book tips

Finally, I would like to mention my book “Instructions for Happiness”, which only deals with the topic of “happiness”. It should be an interface for people who are still too focused on "apparent happiness".

Although it also contains topics on short-term happiness, such as "Do sport", "Relax" and "Use the energy of the sun", these strengthen people so that they then have the energy to go the way inward.

Of course, there are also topics that lead directly to “true happiness”: “Only think what should become reality”, “Enjoy the now and don't make your happiness dependent on the future” and “Replace loud and annoying thoughts with beautiful ones or learn to meditate ”.

If you're just starting out on the road to true happiness, this book is for you.

In my book I pass on a lot of inspirations on how you can go your way to happiness. It's great for when you just want to feel happier.
Get a reading sample and order the book

If you have already started to deal with yourself, my first book “Things I would have liked to know when I was 18” is more likely to come into question. The aim is to clarify this one way inward, which leads to true happiness. In contrast to some of my fellow writers, I'm hardly interested in what appears to be happiness any more. I use it to enjoy my human existence here on earth, but I no longer seek my inner fulfillment in it.

I pass this path of spiritual development on very intensively in the online course "Your new life", if you really really want to know it and want to move forward quickly. The central exercises are aimed at clearing the way inwards, “turning in” and being one with one's intuition and gut feeling.


So there are enough guides for you that will lead you to your true happiness within you. You just have to be ready for it. It's a path that dwarfs everything we've known so far. That is why we also need courage to detach ourselves from the social goings-on in order to do our “own thing”, which has substance and consistency. The process begins when you learn again to listen to your gut instinct and let your intuition guide you.

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