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Android: Samsung Firmware Downloader is here - new free app speeds up download & installation


Anyone who is a little more familiar with the smartphone world and does not shy away from rooting the device or similar things will at some point come into contact with the topic of firmware. However, depending on the manufacturer, downloading the firmware can be a bit complicated, so that you have to rely on external tools. A new free tool now makes downloading Samsung firmware very easy.

There are many cases in which an experienced user comes into contact with firmware downloads, which is not an easy topic depending on the manufacturer. While Google offers the Pixel firmware for download quite comfortably, it is a bit more problematic with Samsung. Special Samsung software is required, which is not very convenient to use and is not available for all platforms. If you use the direct links, which is quite possible, the archives are encrypted.

Third-party sources that also host the firmware and offer it for download only offer an acceptable speed for a fee. If you use the free version, the download could take several days. So you could say that it is only available for a fee. The best-known example is certainly SamMobile. The solution to this dilemma is the new one Samsung firmware downloader in the game.

The Samsung Firmware Downloader is a newly developed graphical user interface from SamLoader. This gets the firmware directly from Samsung servers, but can decrypt it with just one click after the download. So you load the firmware directly from the source at the highest possible speed - free of charge.

On the screenshots above you can see the surface of the Samsung Firmware Downloader. It doesn't necessarily have to be fancy, because it is completely sufficient for the purpose and certainly more convenient than the previous solution via the command line. The tool is available for download free of charge for many platforms and even offers the option of initiating the download directly under Android. Just check it out if it's something for you.

┬╗Samsung Firmware Downloader

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