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Lucas Pulkert and Maria Pentschev

Interview with Lucas Pulkert, stilfaser GmbH

Falke, that was my grandma's brand of tights

Lucas Pulkert does in socks. As the founder and managing director of stilfaser GmbH, he and his co-founder Maria Pentschev want to revolutionize the dusty sock market. In an interview with förderland, he talks about the qualities of the von Jungfeld brand and imaginative marketing.

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Marthe-Victoria Lorenz, founder and CEO

Interview with Marthe-Victoria Lorenz, CEO

" should become a new pillar of sports promotion in the medium term"

Marthe-Victoria Lorenz, founder of, will participate as one of six winners in the mentoring program of the HypoVereinsbank women's advisory board over the next six months. In an interview with förderland, she introduces the crowdfunding platform for sports projects and talks about her experiences in the supposedly male-dominated business world.

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SugarTrends founders Christian Schwarzkopf and Tim Lagerpusch

Interview with Tim Lagerpusch and Christian Schwarzkopf


Tim Lagerpusch and Christian Schwarzkopf have been a well-coordinated team for years. Together they set up the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the University of Karlsruhe and a management consultancy. Your current start-up is called SugarTrends and is an online store with unique products from selected retailers. In the interview you explain your vision, talk about upcoming challenges and the start-up scene in Cologne.

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Andreas Trinkwalder

Interview with Andreas Trinkwalder, Looky-Looky

The Looky-Looky App

The jealous partner is targeting our smartphone. Often a secret glance at the PIN entry is enough and privacy is gone. In order to protect himself in everyday life, Andreas Trinkwalder has developed the anti-spy app “Looky-Looky”. In an interview with förderland, he explains exactly how it works, whether the app also protects against the NSA and how he wants to further develop Looky-Looky.

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Philipp A. Pausder, founder and managing director of Thermondo GmbH

Interview with Philipp A. Pausder, Thermondo

"Above all, our customers appreciate the simplicity, speed and transparency of our offer"

530,000 people change their heating every year. For many, it's pure horror: Find the right heating system, compare offers, find a local plumber who will do the job quickly and well. All of this is problematic and involves a lot of effort. Thermondo simplifies this process. How, explains founder Philipp A. Pausder in an interview.

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Interview with Mike Zieseler, migrador

"Crowdfunding enables more than just pure capital acquisition" offers special travel offers from specialized tour operators all over the world - always away from mass tourism. The start-up, founded in 2012, has now started a crowdfunding campaign to continue growing with fresh capital. Why you rely on crowdfunding for financing, how you set up such a campaign and what the capital should be used for, explains founder Mike Zieseler in an interview.

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