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Translation of "Geistwesen" in English

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This image of the animal is an artificially created one Spirit beingswhich does not require an indictment or evidence.
This image of the beast is an artificially created spiritual being, which does not require any accusation or proof.
All beings that once emanated from me, all Spirit beingsthat have emerged from My Love is radiated power ...
Every substance, every spiritual being which once emerged from My love, is emanated strength ...
There is very little freedom here to do what yours as one Spirit beings feels.
There is very little freedom to do what you feel as a spirit being.
He is that high Spirit beingswhich all ascenders will surely recognize and understand to some extent when they reach the center of glory.
He is the one high spirit being that all ascenders are certain to recognize and somewhat comprehend when they reach the centers of glory.
A completely non-material one Spirit beings doesn't need these things.
A completely non-material spirit-being have no need for such things.
A shining one Spirit beingsthat I recognized as Sai-Baba was waiting for me there.
A luminous spirit-being that I recognized as Sai Baba was waiting there for me.
As Spirit beings and demon it is the first to physical death as a human already died.
As a spiritual being and demon, it has already died the first, physical death as a human being.
So, when you are born on earth, your whole is not embodied Spirit beingsbut only a very small part of it.
At your birth on Earth, you do not bring your complete Spirit Being, but only a very small portion of it.
And for this reason the second antichrist must be a Spirit beings, act a demon.
And for this reason the second Antichrist must be a spiritual being, in other words a demon.
They may belong to the more supra-personal category Spirit beings at.
They may possibly belong to the category of superpersonal spirits.
I get answers from angels and Spirit beings.
Yes, I see and hear Spirit beings, sometimes angels.
Yes I see and hear spirits, sometimes angels.
In the original 2006 version of this article, I described Lemurian Spirit beings as possible spiritual helpers.
Appendix In the original version of this article of 2006 I described lemurian spirits as possible spiritual helpers.
Shelley, in our experience, can Spirit beings rarely manipulate objects in the physical world.
Shelly, in our experience, spiritual beings that can manipulate objects in the physical world are rare.
Before a Spirit beings helps one, one must first satisfy it with sacrifices.
Before a spirit helps us we must satisfy them with offerings.
Want a Spirit beings come here, then by taking possession of a human.
For the spirit to come here they need to possess a human.
In his pictures can be intangible Spirit beings rising up.
Some say that aurora borealis Spirit beings be moving across the sky.
Some people say that Aurora Borealis is spirits moving across heaven.
Fifteen years ago I was in contact with a helping group of Spirit beings.
Also use dark Spirit beings the opportunity to anchor.
Furthermore, dark spirits use the opportunity to place their anchors.
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