Should I invest in straight teeth?

Does your mouth hurt thanks to braces?

This helps with pain caused by braces

Teeth are without question an ideal of beauty - they should be shiny white, regular and straight. Unfortunately, not everyone has perfect growth, which is why around 60 percent of all young people nowadays wear loose or fixed braces (according to a study by BARMER GEK 2016). But even after adolescence, you see braces for adults more and more often. More and more people are investing a few months or years to get straighter teeth at least for the rest of their lives. In addition to the costs, this is accompanied by a certain amount of suffering, at least in phases. Whether you are a teenager or an adult: what to do if the braces hurt your mouth?

If it hurts thanks to the braces: identify the causes

Whether fixed or removable, braces make profound changes to the chewing apparatus. The teeth are moved in the bone bed so that they permanently assume a new position. That is why the insertion or adjustment of braces is often followed by several days in which the teeth are moderately to severely painful. Fixed braces in particular initially irritate the oral cavity. The brackets and wires rub against the oral mucosa, which first has to get used to and adapt. Sometimes wires protrude too far and dig into the flesh. This often leads to irritation or even sores.
It is not uncommon for these to catch fire, because a fixed brace also increases the demands on your own oral hygiene. Dental plaque accumulates on the brackets and behind the wires, which is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. The oral flora, the healthy balance of different bacterial strains in our mouth, is then unbalanced. This usually leads to additional inflammation and bleeding of the gums.

This will help if the braces are causing pain

The only thing that helps against the pain caused by moving your teeth is to wait and see. After a few days everything should be fine again. Otherwise, it would be advisable to visit the orthodontist again so that he can check the settings again. In the meantime, cooling gel pads that are pressed against the cheek from the outside can help. Solid and hard dishes are better avoided for a long time and replaced with soups, for example. The same applies to protruding wires or chafe marks; the doctor has to rework and correct it.

Special wax makes it easier to get used to new braces and helps to reduce irritation in the mouth. The wax is simply pressed onto the brackets to take away the friction and pressure and is available in drugstores and pharmacies.
When brushing your teeth every day, the following applies: For a healthy mouth, fixed braces must also be cleaned. The spaces between the wires and brackets literally attract food residues that simple brushing cannot reliably remove. So-called interdental brushes and dental floss help to keep the braces clean. It is best to brush your teeth after every meal, but at least twice a day, and invest in an electric toothbrush.

Regular mouthwashes also help. Solutions with Kamillan Pharma Wernigerode combine the effects of real chamomile and yarrow. As a result, they have an antibacterial effect and help keep the oral flora in balance. The analgesic, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties help when chafing or pressure points appear. At the same time, the application strengthens the oral mucosa. For the daytime and on the go, there is also the Kamillan mouth spray, which has the same properties and optimally supports daily oral hygiene.