Is motor oil dangerous

How toxic is engine oil?

Motor oil is essential in cars and motorcycles because it has an important function as a lubricant. Admittedly, young people in particular keep coming up with the idea of ​​drinking engine oil in tests of courage - with often fatal consequences: they are mostly unaware of how dangerous and toxic this liquid can be for health. However, it is not uncommon for the oil to get into the body by mistake, even in adults who carry out an oil change themselves.

Interesting facts about engine oil

Unused engine oil is not labeled as poisonous, but you should be particularly careful when handling the liquid: If it gets into the mouth or under very high pressure into the body, signs of poisoning usually show up very quickly. Usually, the consumption of the engine oil is followed by nausea, followed by abdominal pain and sometimes vomiting - those affected should call the poison control center immediately! Under no circumstances should the engine oil be forced to vomit here, as this can damage the esophagus and the oral cavity. Pneumonia also often follows drinking the engine oil. But engine oil is also toxic in other ways: If the oil leaks when changing the oil, for example, or if it is not properly disposed of, it ends up in the ground. There it primarily damages the environment, which affects and harms both animals and plants. However, if it gets into the groundwater, people in the area are also affected. Therefore, the illegal disposal of waste oil is usually subject to high fines. In any case, motor oil must be handled with care, even if it is not declared as a toxic substance: Especially in the garage at home, drivers who refill or change motor oil themselves should pay attention to their own safety and that of their environment. Adults should also ideally educate their children and adolescents about the dangers of the tests of courage associated with drinking motor oil.


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