Is Kelli Ward a Democrat

US primaries promise explosive duels in Arizona and Florida

As the US midterm elections on November 6 approaches, it is becoming increasingly clear who will stand for election on the part of the Democracies and Republicans. There are only five area codes left in northeastern states. Primaries were held in Florida, the third most populous state in the United States, as well as Arizona and Oklahoma on Tuesday. There it was once again shown that the support of President Donald Trump can be a decisive factor.

Trump's support helped Republican Ron DeSantis to beat Florida's Agriculture Minister Adam Putnam, who has decades of political experience, in the inner-party race for the nomination. The ex-Navy lawyer DeSantis was able to increase his awareness quickly, especially through frequent appearances on Trump's favorite channel Fox News. The political career changer Kevin Stitt succeeded in a similar way. He was similarly in favor of Trump and is now in the running for governorship in Oklahoma.

Young liberal adversary

DeSantis has to prepare for a tough fight against a left-liberal democratic adversary in the sunny state of Florida. Andrew Gillum was able to prevail surprisingly, as he was still well behind the centrist Gwen Graham in the polls. The prominent supporters Bernie Sanders, George Soros and Tom Steyer have made a big contribution to turning the tide in Gillum's favor over the past few weeks. Even if the progressives in America in particular cheered this success, some observers see it as a slight weakening of the Democrats. A possible amalgamation in a procurement scandal currently being investigated by the FBI could also harm Gillum.

The 39-year-old mayor of Tallahassee, who scored particularly well in urban areas and with young voters, would become the first black governor of Florida, known as the "swing state," if he won. Gillum's demands for strict gun laws and fewer gun sales met with a lot of echo from the youth in the state traumatized by the parkland shoot. The demand for universal health care is also very important to the left wing of the Democrats. However, the Democrats have tried in vain to gain the post of governor over the past 20 years. In 2010 and 2014, even more moderate candidates failed because of Republicans.

Mourning for McCain overshadows primaries

The mourning for the longtime US Senator from Arizona, John McCain, who died on Saturday, overshadowed the elections in the border state with Mexico. The Republican primaries there, however, were aimed at the fight for the senatorial seat of Jeff Flake, who is considered the most outspoken Trump critic among Republican congressmen and will not run again. The first woman to fly a US combat attack during the 2003 Iraq War, Martha McSally, prevailed in the primary against Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was pardoned by Trump, and former Senator Kelli Ward. Trump did not make an election recommendation in Arizona.

In the duel over Arizona, McSally will go against the moderate congressman and former Green Party candidate, Kyrsten Sinema, who clearly prevailed in the Democratic primary and has positioned herself as an independent voice since her candidacy. She has repeatedly and emphatically criticized Trump.

The pre-midterm election campaign in Arizona will be dominated by the immigration debate. Observers suspect that Trump's tough immigration policy could boomerang for McSally. The Republican voter base in the south is very large, but if McSally takes over Trump's aggressive rhetoric, he threatens to lose many voters to the moderate Sinema.

McSally has spoken out in favor of Trump's border wall with Mexico in the last few weeks and months and later withdrew her support for a bill she initially supported on the naturalization of illegally immigrated young immigrants. Trump won in Arizona in 2016 by 3.5 percentage points ahead of Hillary Clinton.

Primaries are going well for Democrats

Overall, the New York Times columnist David Leonhardt rates the results as positive for the Democrats. In nine districts in which the Democrats are expected to "flip" in the House of Representatives, consistently "solid" candidates have won the primaries. The promising Democrat David Garcia will run for governor in Arizona. The final phase of the election campaign promises to be quite explosive. (Fabian Sommavilla, August 29, 2018)