Which actors actresses are grossly overpaid

Are these the 10 most overpaid actors in Hollywood?

Left: Johnny Depp in Mortdecai - Der Teilzeitguner (2015) © Studiocanal
Right: Liam Neeson in Run All Night (2015) © Warner Bros. Pictures

Source: Forbes

Johnny Depp has undergone an interesting image change in Hollywood over the past 25 years: from cult actor to one of the biggest and most popular stars of the dream factory and now to real cash poison. The US finance magazine Forbes, which annually compiles the lists of top earners among actors and actresses, has chosen Johnny Depp as the new and unrivaled number 1 in the new edition of the list of Hollywood's most overpaid actors. With that, Depp resolved after two years of reign Adam Sandler from. This does not appear on the list anymore, which is not because he suddenly earned less and had more hits, but simply because he was not taken into account because there has been no new film in the cinemas since the last list in the survey period brought (Pixels started a short time later).

Johnny Depp was second on the list last year, but now his standing has deteriorated significantly. The extent to which actors are overpaid is measured by dividing the gross profits from their films by their salaries (a questionable method, but more on that later). The list is meant to show how much each actor makes for every dollar paid - and in Depp's case, it's only $ 1.20. Even Sandler made more than three dollars for every dollar spent on him when he topped the list, but Depp had been flop after flop lately.

Anyone who has followed Depp's career in recent years will probably not be surprised by the placement. He's still one of the highest paid mimes in Hollywood, but apart from that PiratesRow he is no longer a safe number as a draft horse. The second-placed actor is more surprising, Denzel Washingtonwho has been considered one of Hollywood's most trusted box office magnets for years and is one of the few actors who is actually often the main reason moviegoers see his films. His example shows the problems of the list.

Other places went, among other things. at Liam Neesonwhose new career as an action star was short lived, the comedian Will Ferrellwho was still unable to build a real fan base outside of the USA and who was the former king of Hollywood, Will Smith. No longer there are, among others. Sandra Bullock and Ben Stillerthat were still on the list last year. Strictly speaking, the top 10 now consists exclusively of men, which probably indicates above all the inequality of the salaries of actresses and actors.

Below is the full list of the ten overpaid actors aloud Forbes, including information on the ratio of the profits of their films to their salaries:


1. Johnny Depp - $ 1.2 per $ 1
2. Denzel Washington - $ 6.50 per $ 1
3. Will Ferrell - $ 6.80 per $ 1
4. Liam Neeson - $ 7.80 per $ 1
5. Will Smith - $ 8.60 per $ 1
6. Christian Bale - $ 9.20 per $ 1
7. Channing Tatum - $ 10.80 per $ 1
8. Brad Pitt - $ 12.00 per $ 1
9. Ben Affleck - $ 12.30 per $ 1
10. Tom Cruise - $ 13.60 per $ 1


Of course, the question now arises as to how the list came about. The method that Forbes explains, consists of adding up the worldwide sales of the last three films of the respective actors, which were released before July 1, 2015, and then subtracting the total budget of the three films from this sum. The criteria are that the three films must not be animated, must have shown in more than 2000 cinemas in the USA and the actors must not have only played a small supporting role in them. The remaining sum is then divided by the three added salaries of the actors and, voilà, there we have the result.

I do not want to suggest that there are much better ways to compute such a list, but it seems rather imprecise. On the one hand there is the problem that the marketing costs of the films, which can vary greatly, are not included in the calculation of the budget, while for the actors not only the direct salaries are included, but also income from the percentage participation in the films. It is also not taken into account that the studios get to see more of the US box office than the international box office. However, no weighting is carried out.

There is certainly little doubt that Johnny Depp actually belongs at the top of the list. Since the mega success of Pirates of the Caribbean, he is regularly paid $ 15-20 million for his films and for big blockbusters like Lone Ranger or Alice in Wonderland even more. His last three films (before Black Mass) – Lone Ranger, Transcendence and Mortdecai - were huge flops in the cinemas.

Also at Liam Neeson a look at his last three works shows that he no longer has the traction he had a short time ago Non-stop or 96 hours put on the day. While Taken 3 this year was still a success, went Rest in peace and Run all night at the box office below.

At Denzel Washington Despite his placement on the list, the studios should have little reason to complain. The equalizer, his last feature film, became one of his world's greatest hits with grossing over $ 190 million and Part 2 is already in the making. Also Flight von Robert Zemeckis impressed with gross revenues of more than $ 160 million and a budget of only $ 31 million 2 guns of his last three films disappointed with the cast, but with a budget of $ 61 million and grossing around $ 132 million worldwide, he wasn't a big flop either.

Ben Afflecks Place on the list is probably only on the flop Runner runner which has only raised just over $ 60 million with a $ 30 million budget worldwide. The other two of his last three films were downright high-flyers at the box office: Gone girl ($ 369 million) and Argo ($ 232 million) with budgets of $ 61 million and $ 45 million after the release of at the latest Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice he will leave the list (for the time being).

Perhaps Depp will soon be able to recover a little, after all, the sequels are already approaching Pirates of the Caribbean and Alice in Wonderland