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is the name for gold-plated pieces of jewelry only. It is a body or sheet made of copper or brass that has been coated with a thin layer of gold. When gilding by mechanical means, a thin gold skin is rolled onto a base material under high pressure. Another possibility is gold-plating using an electro-galvanic process.
With this process, which has originated in America since around 1900 (hence the name), perfect blenders could be produced inexpensively, because at first glance one does not see that the pieces of jewelery are actually worthless junk.
Fraudsters make use of this process and provide gold-plated jewelry with gold hallmarks, which indicate an alleged fineness such as 333, 585 or 750. In a gold test with test acid, however, these forgeries can be quickly unmasked. However, if the "gold jewelry" is hard gold-plated and the gold plating is of the same quality as the stamped hallmark, there is a very high risk that the forgery will not be recognized as such.