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From accountant to bachelor's degree in three semesters

Fast, flexible and efficient to graduation: the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration - Accounting and Taxation at AKAD University, in combination with the advanced training qualification Certified Accountant (IHK), is a teaching example for the permeability of education systems.

They are still a particular nuisance for trainees, students and professionals: duplication in the learning content of training, studies and professional development, which wastes valuable time. The feeling of having to learn twice unnecessarily can significantly reduce the motivation that is particularly necessary in distance learning. The Bachelor degree “Betriebswirtschaftslehre - Accounting and Taxation” from AKAD University avoids this to the maximum extent through a clever construction. How exactly, explains AKAD Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Markus Grottke.

Prof. Dr. Grottke, what exactly is the advantage of the “Bachelor of Arts Business Administration - Accounting and Taxation” for potential students who have previously completed further training to become a “Certified Accountant (IHK)”?

Under university law, a maximum of 50 percent of non-academic achievements (e.g. from a further training degree) can be credited towards a course of study. The above-mentioned bachelor's degree at AKAD University comprises 180 ECTS (credits) for the six-semester course. As a result, a maximum of 90 ECTS, i.e. three semesters, can be credited from an advanced training degree. And this is exactly what is required for the advanced training qualification “Gepr. Accountant IHK ”on the course“ Bachelor of Arts Business Administration - Accounting and Taxation ”possible - a tiered crediting model that can no longer be surpassed. There is no faster and more efficient way for an accountant to complete a degree. The maximum possible crediting exists for the currently valid version of the examination regulations from October 26, 2015, valid from January 1, 2016, and for the previous version from October 18, 2007 - changed on August 25, 2009. Further training qualifications for accountants (IHK), which are based on earlier examination regulations (from 1990), offer 70 credits. If an applicant has also successfully completed the International Accounting Clerk (IHK), 90 credits can also be credited towards these earlier degrees.

How is that possible?

This is only possible because in this case there is an ideal degree of correspondence between the advanced training qualification and the degree program. For the accountants, this means that they can gild their degree into an academic degree in just three semesters - that is, in just 1.5 years. The renowned AKAD University is breaking new ground with this innovation. The considerations and suggestions of the Science Council on the permeability of the educational levels are consequently implemented to the maximum.

What are the advantages of this for those interested in second education?

If an interested party does not have a high school diploma or a technical college entrance qualification, he can on the one hand obtain the advanced training qualification “Gepr. Balance sheet accountant (IHK) ”take up a degree and, on the other hand, have their degree fully credited (with a normal duration of further training of 1.5 years). In addition, this means that people who do not have a formal university entrance qualification first aim for the advanced training qualification (1.5 years) and can have this credited towards the above-mentioned university course (three semesters = 1.5 years = 90 credits). Compared to a student with a formal university entrance qualification (Abitur and Fachhochschulreife), this means that you do not lose any time until the Bachelor's degree (6 semesters = 3 years). On the contrary: with the tiered model, you will ultimately acquire a professionally usable and high-quality advanced training qualification. For this reason, the tiered model with the interim degree “Certified Accountant (IHK)” is also interesting for students who already have a formal university entrance qualification and are primarily aiming for a bachelor’s degree.

And where can I get my accountant's degree?

It should not be neglected that the AKAD University also offers the course for this advanced training degree. But of course you can usually do this at any local Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Our model is therefore interesting even for the IHKs, because it greatly enhances their accountants. So we are less competitors than partners.

And how difficult is such a degree?

In business administration courses, the accounting-related modules are often the stumbling block - and it is precisely these that are fully credited to the accountant. The advanced training qualification is a high-quality qualification that is therefore perfectly compatible with a tiered model for an academic bachelor's degree.

Thank you for the interview!

additional Information

The AKAD Student Advisory Service will of course be happy to answer any further questions on this - whether about the tier model or credit transfer. She can be reached Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. by phone at 0711 / 81495-400, also by email, WhatsApp (0174 / 6942-878) and as part of a personal consultation also via Skype.