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With Zoho CRM, your teams work at high speed

Hold meetings, delegate responsibilities, track projections while keeping an eye on goals; the work of sales managers is multifaceted and intensive. Making data-driven decisions is part of the routine, which is why you need a CRM that is by your side in your daily work. Zoho CRM helps sales managers automate time-consuming tasks, giving them complete control over the sales pipeline and making data-driven decisions.

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Why do sales managers need a CRM?

Sales managers are always on the move. You'll lead a team of sales reps while working on hitting quotas, collecting sales forecasts, attending meetings, and training new sales reps.

Juggling all of these tasks can take up most of their time, leaving you with less bandwidth to focus on important tasks like motivating, hiring, and coaching sales reps. Customer relationship management software helps sales managers be more productive and focus more on their goals in the bigger picture. For this purpose, tasks that arise regularly can be automated, such as B. the tracking of the sales performance, the sales forecast and the quota management.

Which CRM is the right one?
First, introduce yourself
This question

You need a CRM that protects your sensitive customer data and at the same time enables smooth collaboration. Choose a CRM system that uses a multi-level approach for all employees so that they can access data based on their roles and permissions.

For a CRM to fit your business, it must be flexible enough to meet your company's unique needs.

Can my
existing data can be imported?

Unless you're starting a new sales team from scratch, you are probably already using CRM software or spreadsheets to store your sales data. The ideal CRM should allow you to easily migrate sales data between these two applications.

One of the most important aspects of a CRM solution is the ability to access your sales data from any device. Make sure the CRM you buy has a full-fledged mobile version.

Even if your sales team only has ten members today, you may need to expand it to a hundred tomorrow. Make sure that the implemented CRM grows with your company.

Why is Zoho CRM the best choice for sales managers?

For more than 20 years, Zoho CRM has helped sales managers manage fast-moving sales teams around the world. Sales managers can monitor the status of their pipeline, integrate new employees with ease, and improve how meetings are conducted with easily accessible sales analytics. You can also use it to stay up to date on priorities and see which deals require immediate attention, which sales reps would benefit from coaching, how leads should be contacted, and what the bottom line is.

Dashboards to track your sales status

Zoho CRM's dashboard views allow you to monitor every aspect of your sales cycle at all times. Keep track of key sales KPIs like new leads, orders in the pipeline, company-level deals, and sales volume by location. This gives you a complete picture of your key sales figures.

Automatic assignment of leads

Your leads can often come from a variety of sources: trade shows, AdWords, websites, seminars, and marketing campaigns. Zoho CRM automatically filters your leads based on various criteria such as lead rating, location and source. They are then assigned to the correct sales rep so they are not overlooked.

That's what sales managers expect
from a CRM

We like to create dashboards for our clients that highlight the activities that underpin performance-notes added, tasks completed, meetings booked, and so on, as this helps the business understand one: 'is everyone using the CRM?', And two: ' are they doing so correctly?

Dominic Harrington

Founder, Cloud Sauce | Cloud Mobile Consultant | CRM expert

A CRM should have dashboards to monitor potentials by stage, deals closing this month or quarter, forecasts by rep, deals won this month, quarter, and YTD, as well as leads, a lead source count, and marketing stats.

James Shaw

Zynk Software Limited

If Salesperson A said he would close 'deal X' six months ago, I want to know how he actually did vs Salesperson B so I can weight my own forecasts.

Lucy Beck

Business Owner, Sales & Marketing Specialist, A2Z Cloud

A CRM should track missed sales of non-stocked products to help decide whether or not to continue stocking them.


Sales Manager | Marketing | Team management | Strategy | Bilingual (FR / EN)

Improve your sales pipeline by tracking progress

Whether sales managers are running a large team or just a small team, they need to be able to track the progress of all leads and deals. Zoho CRM gives you complete transparency across all phases of a deal. Quickly see how many deals are in the various phases, what their average value is and how much time you can expect to close the deals. This enables you to make smart decisions when prioritizing deals. Zoho CRM takes care of closing deals so you can focus on improving your sales numbers.

Create and implement scalable sales processes for your teams

Your company may have several different sales processes, such as: B. for business deals, lead follow-up, order management or discounts. With Blueprint from Zoho CRM, you can capture and systematically execute every phase of these offline sales processes in your CRM. This is a great way to ensure that everyone on your team is following the correct processes, even when you're not looking.

Get a realistic forecast of your future sales

Zoho CRM searches your deal data for past and current sales trends and provides you with precise sales forecasts that you can rely on. Break down forecasts based on individual sales reps, teams, or geographic regions. Data-based insights enable sales managers to set more realistic goals and run more profitable campaigns.

Reach your goal by segmenting your customers in small steps

Every customer has different needs, so you always need a unique approach to your sales. With Zoho CRM, you can segment your customers by region, requirement, lead source, and even how they responded to your business. With segmentation, you can send out campaigns that are tailored to your target audience and assign salespeople with the right specializations for the job at hand.

Learn to spot sales anomalies in real time

You don't have to wait for a month-end report to spot discrepancies in sales activity and numbers. With Zia, you can get real-time information on anomalies and react quickly. Zia can spot anomalies in your sales trends, giving you plenty of time to avoid lost sales or prepare for a surge in incoming leads.

Optimize your collaboration on multiple deals at the same time

When your sales team is involved in multiple projects at the same time, productivity can suffer if not efficiently planned and managed. Integrate your project management system with your CRM system and assign your projects and associated data sets to individual members of your sales team. When you synchronize your projects with your sales process in one comprehensive system, you can manage your tasks more efficiently, saving valuable time and effort for your entire team.

Integrates with the apps you use every day

With Zoho CRM, you can integrate more than 100 popular business applications for everyday use, creating a fully connected work environment.

Turn your smartphone into a sales management tool

  • Start your work day with a clear overview of the planned tasks, events and calls.
  • Plan smart and manage your time by finding potential customers nearby to schedule meetings efficiently.
  • Comprehensive sales reports allow you to stay up to date on the performance of your sales team even when you are on the go.

There is no doubt that I would recommend Zoho CRM for its flexibility and ease of use. We now have a huge volume of sellers using our services. It has helped us grow and quickly at that.

Ever since we began using Zoho CRM, tracking has been smooth and reliable. Conversions are also up by 15 percent. The team is at great comfort in fetching details they need at any time, and there is a good 30 percent increase in team productivity.

We can accurately track the entirety of a customer's journey and manage our solar installation projects from start to finish.

Anand Goyal Managing Director, Amazon India
Arya Kanvinde Tirun, Just Cruise
Fred GreenhalghDigital Marketing Manager, Revision Energy