Which are the international airports in Jamaica

Airports in Jamaica

There are two international airports in Jamaica. An airport is located in the capital Kingston, which is in the south-east of the island. The second airport is further north in Montego Bay. In this article we would like to summarize some information about the airports, the airport transfer and the surrounding area in order to make your arrival in Jamaica as easy and beautiful as possible.

Entry into Jamaica - Montego Bay Airport

Compared to most German airports, the airport in Montego Bay is relatively small, so it is not particularly difficult to find your way around. After leaving the aircraft, friendly staff will be waiting for you at the immigration control, who will want to see your passport and a return ticket. The latter is particularly important - otherwise you will have to buy an expensive ticket on site or take the next plane home.

It is also important to have the name, address and ideally the telephone number of the accommodation in your hand luggage. The staff want to have this data in order to know where you are during your stay in Jamaica.

Depending on your mood, the responsible employee will also ask you about financial resources - for example, how to get money in Jamaica and how big the available financial framework is. Withdrawing money in Jamaica is only possible with a credit card from most ATMs, which is why this should be requested in good time before your vacation.

Onward journey to destination in Montego Bay

If you have a place to stay in Montego Bay, the best way to do it is to take a taxi. These stand in front of the exit of the airport and are already waiting inside the hall to find customers. The prices are often grossly overpriced, so a 10-minute drive costs a good $ 20-30. Since the selection is relatively large, however, it is not difficult to negotiate the price a little. As an alternative to the expensive taxis, there is a shuttle service or airport transfer, which most hotels and hostels offer.

The route taxis, which are particularly popular with backpackers, are recommended for all long journeys. These are taxis that always take the same route there and back. A route taxi usually only leaves when it is completely full. However, a distance of 50 kilometers does not cost more than 1-2 euros, which is very cheap.

However, the taxi drivers at the airport say they don't know anything about the rout taxis. It can therefore make sense to move a few hundred meters from the airport and take a taxi from there to the Rout-Taxi station.

Entry into Jamaica - Kingston Airport

Kingston Airport is the largest airport Jamaica has to offer and is around 4 kilometers from the city center. As in Montego Bay, the same entry requirements are made. You will need a valid passport, a return ticket and information about your first accommodation in Jamaica. The questions about financial resources are only asked sporadically and not really checked.

Continue to your destination in Kingston

Finding a taxi at Kingston Airport won't be difficult. The taxi drivers are not just waiting in front of the airport, they are already inside the building, so you can hardly miss them. In principle, you have no chance of getting past the taxi drivers without talking to them. However, the prices are set very high, so that there is plenty of room to negotiate.

As in Montego Bay, there is a Rout-Taxi station in Kingston and in every other city. This is recommended if you want to cover longer distances across the island.

Withdraw money in Jamaica

Ideally, you should change some money into Jamaican or American dollars at home in order to have cash on site. The exchange rate at the airports in Jamaica is often very bad, so that a lot of money is lost.

As in many countries outside the EU, withdrawals only work with credit cards. Ordinary EC cards are not accepted by most ATMs and banks, so it is advisable to apply for an appropriate card before starting your journey.

The DKB credit card makes it possible to collect money abroad without any fees and is therefore the best card for backpackers, vacationers and travelers.