How many types of pulleys are there

Pulley V

The company "Ich Band" offers various ribbed pulleys for the CVT belt drive. We manufacture rollers for your instruments, machine tools and other devices. Wide range of products, high quality materials. The company is based in Minsk, Belarus, cooperating with all organizations and companies from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other CIS countries.

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V-belt drive pulley

The pulley is a generator made of a solid material with a rim. Pulley - one of the elements V - belt transmission. The peculiarity of this technology is that a sharp increase in shaft speed generator - pulley slip prevented its breakage reliably ensured.

This complex turning. Wedge washers come in a variety of designs - one-piece, with spokes. Mounted differently on the shaft - with a hole for the key, bolt, under the hole hot landing.
V-belt drive - this is one of the most popular types of belt drive used in modern industry. The use of V-belts is becoming more common, they can transmit rotary motion in any direction which can be used for long distances.




Where to use V-belt pulleys

V-belt drive is used in cases when you do not need precise positioning, but it is necessary to pass the time and with high speed and variable loads.

V-belt pulleys set: nomenclature technology V belt pulleys are very extensive. Our company has its own production facilities and can make items of any diameter and size according to customers' technical specifications and drawings.


  • The compressors and pumps;
  • The ventilators;
  • The gear drives;
  • The pumping devices;
  • The mills and sawmill machines;
  • For cooling machines and machine tools.

Advantages of working with our company.

The pulleys - essential elements of the V-belt transmission. If the broken belts are replaced quickly and easily, destroying something inferior carved pulley, violating the technology, deliver a lot of trouble. It is therefore important to choose a manufacturer and supplier of these products.

  • Our company has been specializing in the manufacture and supply of such products for many years.
  • The best quality / price ratio.
  • We work strictly according to GOST, offer high precision and give a guarantee on your products.
  • We use high quality materials and workpiece both domestic and imported.
  • The company's engineers to help with the selection and calculation of pulleys for your equipment.

We can produce generator pulleys for a belt drive belt and various profiles, SPA, XPA, SPZ, SPB, SPC, XPZ, XPB, XPCA, gap profiles Z, A, B, C and any other geometry. Our products comply with industry standards, TR TS, ISO 4183 and DIN 2211-3. We produce pulleys with different numbers of currents from 1 to 10.

How to Buy a V-Belt Pulley.

There are many types of V-ribbed belt drive with pulleys of different geometries. We offer production of products of any shape, for classic and narrow pulleys, ribbed (gap), variable speed belt drive. The strict adherence to technology guarantees a product that is ideal to evenly distribute the load, to provide a safe intervention. Our V - pulleys can be operated at speeds of up to 30 to 50 m / s when the engine power is 400 kW. The material used to manufacture V-belt pulleys is often cast. Steel and aluminum alloys, polymers and composites are also used.

Our company has long-established relationships with various manufacturers of spare parts and components for industrial equipment. We will help you choose a suitable V - pulley for your engine and machine. Buying V - pulley from our company is a breeze. We work every day and respond to inquiries as quickly as possible.