What is a flea musician known for?

RIEBE'S FACHBLATT for the musician scene

No. 6 June 76

Table of Contents

Cover photo: Bruno Kaßel

  • IAN ANDERSON "I hate all musicians because they're crazy!" - Interview by Merlin W. Frank
  • PR management - A PR manager for the German rock scene - Peter Angemeer from Phonogram, by Klaus D. Böhler
  • Who plays what - SATIN WHALE
  • Concert in prison - observations at a rock concert in the prison in Siegburg
  • Studio Spotlight - CONNY PLANKS Studio
  • ROCKPALAST - rock music in the third program of the WDR - a conversation with Peter Rüchel
  • ERIC BURDON - From the Animals to Today, Interview by Merlin W. Frank

NEWS (Short version)
  • Mani Neumaier and Guru Guru again on Brain-Metronome with their new album "Tango Fango".
  • The new one got off to an excellent start Holderlin-LP "Clouds and Clowns".
  • Berlin electric jazz rock formation Bakmak has a record deal with Teldec in Hamburg.
  • Helios from near Stuttgart have moved and got a new flautist.
  • Checkpoint has finally managed to establish itself in the Düsseldorf rock scene.
  • Bard meeting in Nuremberg.
  • Apares has found a new bass man.
  • Zoppo Trump is back.
  • Törf also exists again.
  • New single from the Nuremberg group Yggdrasil available.
  • After their shop burned down in Otterndorf Pago Live Sound Orchestra moved.
  • Second Movement have their LP "Euphonia" on the market.
  • Escaped-Musician Vridolin Enxing had a serious car accident.
  • The Engel Brothers have released their first LP "Gebrüder Engel".
  • New Baal finally together.
  • Jazz rock troupe Cry Freedom concluded an agency contract.

LETTERS & ANSWERS - Letters to the editor from:
  • Michael Kaufmann, Weitefeld
  • Hans Strasburger, Tübingen
  • Wolfgang Harms, Neuwied
  • Birgit, George, Daniel, Bobby and Holger from Hamburg

GUITAR (Tester: Dieter Roesberg)
  • Ibanez Renometer 95 equalizer
  • Orange Graphic Amp 120 watts
  • Ibanez Les Paul Custom No. 2350 electric guitar
DRUMS (Tester: Bruno Kaßel)
  • Beverley "Panorama" drums
KEYBOARD (Tester: Dieter Roesberg):
  • Wersivoice rotor string choir sound

  • Technology advisor: Peter O. Schenk (Allsound) on choosing the right loudspeaker boxes
  • Elektoni nags and advises:
  • Optimal volume with the same wattage?
  • Distortions

  • Satu
  • Inner Temple
  • Winter war
  • Octopus
  • Pilate
  • H2SO4
  • Multi-media on the go
  • Florian Geyer
  • Walrus
  • Wallenstein
  • Yggdrasil
  • Altona
  • Jon Lee Hooker
  • Mass
  • Was
  • Jimmy Witherspoon
  • OM
  • cyclone
  • Fargo
  • Zomby Woof
  • Pancake
  • Cry Freedom

  • sale
  • purchase
  • Grusumu
  • Musugru
  • Miscellaneous

ADS (Selection)
  • STILL & PARTNER poster service (enclosure)
  • FENDER strings
  • ARIA Pro II series with John Mc Callum
  • COMPACT PHASING 'A', phasing, leslie, super wah, vibrato, minor sound
  • VITAVOX P.A. Systems
  • PEARL Maxwin Drums
  • KORG 900PS Preset Synthesizer
  • Maxwin Stage 705 by Pearl
  • KORG Mr. Multi Superpedal, electronic tuner
  • NOVALIS band advertisement
  • MATAMP systems
  • OVATION guitars
  • BEVERLEY drums
  • MAC AN amps
  • CLOCKWORK concert
  • CYCLONE rock music
  • Time of Commotion, axel rotter
  • sound studio feeling, sound + die technik, Reiner + Andrea Helmreich, Essen
  • FARFISA String Orchestra K2 (Farfisa Stringorchestra) with Zeus B. Held von Birth Control (full-page advertisement)
  • Music Store rudi which
  • PHANTER cases
  • GIBSON strings
  • HOPF "Gran Concierto" and "Swinger" guitars
  • PEAVEY Musician Amp
  • ZILDJIAN cymbals with Louis Bellson
  • MXR Graphic Equalizer and Distortion +
  • TENADA Guitars
  • Barcus-Berry transducer
  • MARSHALL 100 watt combo
  • Travis Bean Guitars
  • PROSOUND MM-Mixer 12-channel DM 1750, -
  • Sugar factory recording studio, Stuttgart
  • ARP - EMS - ROLAND Synthesizer, Musik Laden, H.F. Steeg, Volxheim
  • PREMIER 252 foot pedal
  • Hammond M-100, M-3 Rebuilt transportable, Musik Bertram
  • PANTHER Cases (4 pages!)
  • BOSE "The Guarantee" Bose 1800
  • WERSI Die Soundmacher (full-page advertisement)
  • WEM Sound Systems
  • inter music P.A. systems
  • bull consumer electronics
  • GIBSON "Grabber" and "Marauder" Two new top sellers
  • IBANEZ Guitars "The Sound Of Today" with Sly and the Family Stone (Freddie Stone)