Where to get information

This is how you can find out about professions

This is how you can find the information about your dream job.

The more you know about your dream job, the better. Those who are well informed can better assess what is expected in the training. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to do this.

Start your research on planet-beruf.de

Get an initial overview of your dream job at planet-beruf.de:

  • First go to the heading “Professions A-Z”, for example. All professions are listed there in alphabetical order. Click on your dream job and see what information you can find where. Whether videos, reports or daily routines - there is a lot to discover here.
  • There is a "profile" for every profession. This contains the basics of your job, for example whether the training is carried out in a company or at school. Or how long it lasts and which school leaving certificate is expected. It is best to print it out and file it in your career choice folder. You can also compare professions with one another.
  • Next, click on the daily routine, for example. You will find out what everyday training looks like. Think about whether the job is what you want to do for the next few years.
  • You can find exciting reports in the "Jobs live" section. Here, for example, trainees report on how things work in practice.
To planet-beruf.de

Make yourself smart in BERUFENET!

Once you have an overview, you can get the inside information from BERUFENET. For example, research the following questions:

  • How is the training structured, which exams do I have to take?
  • What requirements do I have to meet, e.g. is a pre-study internship expected?
  • Do I have to be particularly fit in terms of health? Do I have to expect night or shift work in this job, for example?
  • What tasks and activities are waiting for me?
  • What do you earn in training and later in professional life?
  • What does it look like after my training - how can I continue my education or study?
  • What to do if it becomes difficult to get an apprenticeship position? Which comparable professions are there?

These are just a few of the questions you should be asking yourself.

Do not only collect this information about one job, but also think about alternatives. You can collect what you find in your career choice pass or career choice folder, for example.

During the internship you can then find out whether the job is really what you imagined it to be.


Visit training fairs, trainee and future days

Large companies often organize information days for prospective trainees. You can specifically get to know the company and the training opportunities there. You can also find out more about your dream job at training fairs and get in touch with relevant companies.

tip: Once a year in April, companies throughout Germany invite you to the Girls`Day and Boys`Day future days. Girls can discover exciting jobs in technology and natural sciences, research and science, IT and handicrafts. Boys get to know interesting jobs in the social and nursing field.

Numerous events in the BiZ also provide information about various professional fields and professions. Practitioners from companies are often present as speakers.

Events near you

Check your chances with job search and KURSNET

Did you get all the information? Then ask yourself the following questions, for example:

  • Are there currently any apprenticeships in my dream job? Do I have to move because there are no apprenticeships in my location? You can find out with the job search.
  • Where can I find school training positions? KURSNET will help you here.

Come to BiZ!

In your career information center (BiZ) you will find all media of the Federal Employment Agency in one place. You are particularly interested in the topics “Training and Studies” and “Application”. Whether planet-beruf.de, abi.de or BERUFENET: Research at the internet workstations in your BiZ. Or use the application PCs to create your documents. The BiZ also has information folders on occupational information. The BiZ has another advantage: there you can get information about the apprenticeships in your region.

Let us advise you!

The career counseling of the Employment Agency will be happy to help you. You can clarify short questions in the office hours at your school. In a personal consultation, you can discuss questions about your dream job. You can also get help looking for apprenticeships. You can request a consultation by phone or using the contact form:

0800 4 555500 (toll free), Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Request a consultation

Use personal contacts

Would you like first-hand career information? The best thing to do is to speak directly to someone who works in your dream job. For example, friends, acquaintances or relatives are ideal.