What are biodiversity hotspots

Federal Agency for Nature Conservation

Projects for this purpose can then be funded if they relate spatially to the hotspots shown on the map, or at least cover a significant part of a hotspot. You have to make a significant contribution to the sustainable development and optimization of the entire hotspot.

A concept is to be developed for each hotspot and exemplary measures implemented. These should initiate processes that help to maintain or improve the natural diversity of landscapes, habitats and communities as well as the natural and historical biodiversity typical of the area. "Regional partnerships" from cities and municipalities, nature conservation actors as well as economic and social partners are intended to ensure long-term security of the hotspots.

The BMU had one on January 27, 2012 for the “Hotspots funding priority” Funding call published, which explains the conditions for the funding of projects in this funding priority and is available for download.

As a result of the call for funding, four project ideas in the hotspot regions 2 + 4, 10, 22 and 29 were asked to apply. The projects have been running since October 2013 (hotspots 20, 22) and August (hotspot 29) and October 2014 (hotspots 2 + 4) (see ongoing projects).

As in the other funding priorities, new project outlines can be submitted at any time without setting a deadline. The sample structure to be used for the hotspots funding priority and the sample financing plan are available for download under the menu item Process.