Can Wolverine be suffocated

Can Deadpool drown?

When you drown, your lungs are flooded with water. There is no way to get oxygen from the water. As a result, your cells cannot receive oxygen and begin to decay.

When brain cells are left without oxygen for too much time, your brain suffers damage, usually severe damage that cannot be repaired. At some point, essential life functions are stopped. Your heart stops, your brain activity stops, you die.

But your body cells will still be alive for a certain period of time, not every cell in the body dies at the same moment. Your body will slowly start to rot (fairly accelerated underwater).

In the case of Deadpool, it is difficult to say what could happen. My wild guess is that the brain damage he might suffer will be repaired almost instantly, which means he'll never die completely. His blood becomes toxic to his organism because it does not contain enough oxygen (his heart will not stop, but the absence of oxygen would make it impossible to renew blood in the lungs). Massive organ damage to the kidneys and liver is likely to recur and be repaired almost immediately.

Since there is no oxygen that can be transported to the muscle cells, it is unlikely that he will be able to exert himself. Eventually, it is possible that he will become completely immobile, but it is also likely that he will pass out much sooner.

Since the organ damage caused by the loss of oxygen is likely slower than the rate at which his body regenerates, drowning will only result in him falling into you Standby mode is set in which he becomes incapacitated and unconscious, but alive.

If somehow it is pulled to the surface and resuscitated (at least the breath would need to be reset) it is likely to become conscious and fully functional pretty quickly.