What is it like to be a parent while studying?

Live with mom during your studies

Live at home while studying? While some may raise their eyebrows skeptically at this statement, this sentence sounds like music to the ears to others. The Hotel Mama offers many advantages that cannot be ignored. Nevertheless, you should think carefully about whether the home parking space is right for you. Living at home during your bachelor's degree can also have various disadvantages.

Mama likes to do it - the advantages of full board and room service

Students who live at home during their studies are said to be so-called nestlings who live with mom for convenience. In fact, staying at Hotel Mama during your studies has certain advantages: washing, shopping, cleaning, cooking - all of these are omitted for you as part of your regular duties. In addition, you often have your parents' car at home with which you can commute to university. It's convenient, saves time and money. Apartments are also difficult to find in popular student cities and are also very expensive. At the beginning of every winter semester, freshmen rush to the housing market and are looking for a suitable place to stay. The housing market in the university towns is correspondingly overburdened. A circumstance that has become even more serious due to the double graduation classes.


In addition, many parents like to be able to keep their - now often not yet of legal age - studying children with them for a little longer. Perhaps you are not even allowed to move into your own apartment yet or you don't feel ready to leave your parents' home yet? Because leaving familiar structures can be very difficult, especially for young adults.

Reasons to stay home

However, the reason why, according to the 20th social survey by the German Student Union, almost 23% of students live at home with their parents is different: there is often a lack of money. Moving, rent, water, electricity ... If there is not enough money to move, many young high school graduates decide not to have their own apartment and remain in parental care. Because not only the costs for the move itself, but above all the running costs are often very high. If you choose the Hotel Mama, you will save a lot of expenses. There are no living and living costs for you. Your parents also bear ancillary and fixed costs for internet, telephone and insurance, which eat a big hole in your wallet every month. In addition, rents in larger cities such as Munich, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg or Cologne are hardly affordable for new students.


Working alongside your studies - save time or earn money?

Almost two thirds of all students take a part-time job in order to be able to afford their own apartment or shared room, but that can be very stressful. Academic advisors and universities therefore advise against taking up a part-time job during the first two semesters. At the beginning of your studies you probably have enough to do with the new environment and the increased demands of your studies. You will also save yourself a lot of time if you don't work on the side. Instead of working, you have more time for your studies and possibly more free time. However, this time savings can be lost again by commuting to the university.

Flexible, independent? - The disadvantages of being a nestling

If you spend more than two hours a day commuting to university, having your own apartment or room could be worthwhile for you. In addition, those who are nestled often lose touch with their fellow students and have fewer social contacts. That won't happen to you with a place of your own.

When looking for a place to live, it is especially important that you inquire about the running costs in advance. What is the cold rent? How much is the gross heating rent? What is included in additional costs? You should also look around for apartments as early as possible and apply for interesting offers. In addition to your own apartment, a room in a shared apartment or in a student dormitory is also an option. Especially in a shared apartment you will learn the rules of the game of living together.


If you are still unsure whether you want to move out for your first semester, you should take your time to make this decision. You can also create an individual plan with your parents and, for example, share some costs or take on household chores. If you move out, you can agree with your parents whether and to what extent they want or can contribute to the running costs. It is well known that many parents support their children during their studies. It can also help if, for example, you can continue to do your laundry at home.

Whether with your parents, in a shared apartment or alone: ​​studying is the beginning of a new phase of life. You will learn to master your life from A to Z yourself, you will become more independent, more flexible and thereby also gain self-confidence. Your parents will also see you with new eyes over time. You are no longer just the child, but also an adult, whom they will certainly meet with new respect.