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Panaiotis Sarikakis

In the "Lindenstraße" from episode 3 to 794

As the proud head of the Sarikakis ’family, Panaiotis upholds Greek family traditions. With a lot of vigor, he established the “Akropolis” bar in Munich's Lindenstrasse as a popular meeting place. However, his longing for his homeland Greece never lets him go.

Panaiotis Sarikakis: The Whole Story

Panaiotis Sarikakis was born on November 16, 1937 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

With his wife Elena and his son Vasily he came to Germany in the 1970s and leased the Greek restaurant “Akropolis” in Munich's Lindenstrasse. Together with Isolde Pavarotti, a master hairdresser from the neighborhood, he buys the house a few years later and is now the owner of the restaurant (episode 52). Here he treats the guests from the neighborhood with homemade moussaka, gyros and ouzo.

But the Greek family is not only popular in the neighborhood. Hatred of foreigners opposed her mainly by the old Nazi Franz Wittich, who tried to bring the restaurant into disrepute: he smuggled spoiled food into the “Acropolis” and blackened the Sarikakis at the health authorities. But the intrigue is exposed and operations can be resumed. Panaiotis demands a public apology and compensation from "Uncle Franz" (episode 116).

In September 1988 Panaiotis hands over the “Acropolis” to his son. He himself rents a former studio and opens a dance school in it (episode 147). But Vasily is not running the restaurant to the satisfaction of Panaiotis. Many guests leave. He persuades his son to take better care of himself and forbids him to simply sell the restaurant. Although his longing for Greece is growing, he is too proud to return as a failed man. He gives up his dance school in order to be able to work again in the "Acropolis". After a short time, the family business was back in the black (episode 218).

Panaiotis and his life change fundamentally when he unexpectedly falls in love: Tanja Schildknecht, 21 years old and companion from the “Happy Hours” agency, fascinates him more and more. The proud Greek spends a lot of money to take the lady of his heart to an expensive hotel for dinner. But Tanja doesn't reciprocate his passion (episode 327).

In the next few weeks, Panaiotis stands completely beside himself, does not work and gets nervous when he sees Tanja. He persecutes and urges her to quit her job for him. When Tanja does not allow herself to be softened, he finally writes her a check for 6,000 marks and asks her in writing to be allowed to see her once a day. But Tanja honors the agreement differently than he had hoped: She only shows up for a glass of wine at the “Akropolis”, but doesn't pay any attention to Panaiotis (episode 332).

Panaiotis becomes increasingly absent-minded and melancholy. When Tanja wants to break the agreement, this time he offers her a check for 10,000 marks. But Vasily finds out and takes the check back from Tanja. Panaiotis breaks down crying and confesses to his son that he is crazy about Tanja (episode 336). Blind with love, he cannot get away from her. He looks for her again - the annoyed Tanja provokes him until he hits her.

This is observed by Tanja's father Franz, who shortly afterwards confronts Panaiotis in the full “Akropolis” - the scandal is perfect, and Elena now also knows (episode 348). When Panaiotis has to listen to their allegations, the desperate and ashamed Greek tries to kill himself with a meat knife. Vasily can just stop him (episode 349). Elena forgives her husband and comforts him. After the crisis, the couple took a break in Greece.

In February 1994 the Sarikakis' returned to Lindenstrasse after a year and a half. Panaiotis seems to have overcome Tanja and is devoting himself to a new task: He is committed to collecting donations for the Greeks living in Georgia. He brings back video recordings from a trip to the war-torn area, which he shows in the “Acropolis” (episode 451).

Finally he sets off again on a trip to Georgia, from which he does not return for the time being. He disappeared without a trace for over half a year. Panaiotis returned a broken man in July 1995 - on the way to Georgia he was arrested and tortured in Turkey. He was suspected of trying to support Kurds. Shaved bald, hobbling and scared, Panaiotis doesn't say a word on his return (episode 500).

The family turns to the International Court of Justice in The Hague and the European “Anti-Torture Committee”. Panaiotis does not receive the desired support from either office. This time he lets out his anger on his guitar, which he smashes. However, he begins to speak again: "You have stolen my dignity!" (Episode 511).

Not yet completely overcome by his experiences, Panaiotis organized demonstrations against torture in Turkey. He suddenly attacks Turks on the street several times because he believes they are his torturers. Vasily and Elena have to pay more and more attention to him and his hallucinations. Finally Panaiotis draws the consequences and says goodbye to what he sees as “cold, xenophobic Germany” in order to move back to Greece (episode 559).

Despite his self-chosen exile, Panaiotis remained connected to his wife and son in Munich. When Vasily marries his girlfriend Mary a few years later, Panaiotis comes to the wedding (episode 686). He visits and supports Vasily in overcoming a serious illness and is overjoyed that his grandchild will be a boy.

At the baptism in February 2001, Panaiotis succeeded in ensuring that the grandchildren got the grandfather's name according to old tradition. The little one is baptized “Panaiotis Nikos” and Panaiotis returns to Greece overjoyed (episode 794).

Panaiotis only overhears the story of the marriage between Vasily and Mary from afar. Elena keeps visiting her husband. But when Vasily announces that he wants to try again when it comes to marriage, it quickly becomes clear that Panaiotis will finally travel to Germany again. At the wedding between Vasily and Sandra Löhmer in the spring of 2010, the head of the family should definitely not be missing. Panaiotis then comes to Germany one more time: Overjoyed, he celebrates Emma's baptism with his family, but then returns to Greece.