Who is the owner of Del Taco

Del Taco, Santa Maria

These two chains face the same challenge, inventing the same ingredients to keep the menu varied and interesting. Taco Bell seems the most imaginative but somehow I find myself presumptuous about Del Taco more often. They seem to offer more performance per dollar. The classic (crispy) taco ... has twice the beef and cheese as the Bell's and is only $ 1. Some of the Taco Bell offerings that contain beef appear to have an excessive amount of beans. Other Del Taco items can be ordered in "macho" size proportions for those who want a large burrito or large served nachos. Both are continually improving their menu and both now have breakfast items. Also, Del Taco offers cheeseburgers and the fries alone or with other items giving more choice. Del Taco also offers self service iced tea with lemon wedges whereby Taco Bell appears to be following a popular trend of serving it behind the counter. This is important as I have iced tea with my lunch every day with a drink. When I go to the Del Taco I watch some of the same people there so often they have to bring their trailers. Not so much with Taco Bell. Of course, both for balance driving up window with your foot in the audience have lunch. I gave it average because there was no other rating between average and very good, but it falls somewhere in between