How do you slim down at home

Slim at home This is how the pounds drop in your own apartment

Habit is the greatest enemy of all those who struggle with their weight. And it is precisely this enemy that lurks in your own apartment. Fortunately, we are not defenseless against the habit, but can actively counter it.

"You can restructure the apartment in such a way that it encourages people to lose weight,"

knows Prof. Dr. Sherry Pagoto from the University of Massachusetts Medical School. We'll tell you how to do it here.

Get rid of supplies

Just knowing about the bar of chocolate or the chip package that we store in the cupboard seduces us to snack. It gets worse when we can see the delicious treats. So, you should move all of your candy, high-calorie, and high-fat foods out of your home. If you don't have any fattening foods in the house, you won't even be tempted. Fruit and vegetables, on the other hand, should be positioned in your field of vision. When you have cravings, the eye falls on the healthy snacks and you can access them quickly.

Keep an eye on sports equipment

What applies to food also applies to sports equipment: if we store it in the basement, we will use it less often than if it is within easy reach. The dumbbell next to the couch is guaranteed to be used more often than if we had to get it out of a box first. In addition, the guilty conscience is stimulated more often when we see the unused sports equipment standing around. Perhaps that will encourage you to involve them more often in everyday life.

Let a lot of light into the apartment

The hormone leptin regulates body fat and we get that through lots of light. According to studies, people who get less light also produce less leptin. So make sure to open the curtains and turn on the light in the morning.

Cool rooms

A cooler room temperature stimulates the metabolism because our body has to use energy to warm itself. If it is too warm in the apartment, on the other hand, our body hardly burns the brown fat that otherwise stimulates the metabolism. Therefore, the room temperature should not be set too high.

Serve small portions

It's best to distribute the food in the kitchen and then place the plates on the dining table. If all of the food is not in bowls or pots on the table, you take less refills and usually leave it with the portion you had on the plate. By the way, the portions should be arranged on smaller plates. Because large dishes also encourage large portions. Small plates and bowls, on the other hand, offer less space for food and you eat less overall.

Be active at home

The television is also one of the worst enemies when it comes to losing weight. It tempts you to make yourself comfortable on the couch for hours. At the same time, we put our body into sleep mode because it switches down energy consumption. If you simply leave the television off, you are forced to do something different. Lively music and bright lights encourage more exercise and we burn more calories. So: just leave the TV off if there is not a program on that you really want to see.

(Source: Cover Media)