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Quora: Answers from the network

Wikipedia has shown for many years that the Internet is full of expert knowledge. It just has to be tapped. This is exactly what the question-and-answer platform Quora wants to do.

The name Quora already suggests its own mission. Based on the Latin word “quorum”, the platform does not want to enable political decision-making, but it does want to come to a result in a similar process. And coordination is also important: Regardless of the topic, no matter how special it is, users post all kinds of questions on Quora. How did people brush their teeth in the Middle Ages? How Much People Use Facebook? How do WiFi networks work? The possibilities are endless. Other Quora members can view and answer these questions. The best answers are rated with likes and upvotes.

So Quora is about the informal exchange of knowledge. This also attracts prominent users and politicians. Former US President Barack Obama, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and even Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales are staunch Quora users.

A secret success story

According to the company, the knowledge platform is about the size of Twitter. In September 2018, the network counted around 300 million visitors per month. The platform has grown by around 100 million users annually since 2016. The company was only founded in 2009. A year later, the platform went online for the first time.

Many functions have been added over the years: a full-text search, statistics and a dedicated app for iPhone and iPad, for example. Since May 2017 there has also been a German-language adaptation of the platform.

Use Quora

As with all social networks, there are basically two ways of using Quora: active or passive. So you don't have to ask your own questions or answer other questions, rummaging through the available topics can already be very informative.

In all cases, however, you first need a free user account. Unlike many other social networks, Quora does not have its own username. Instead, log in with your first and last name. When registering, please indicate your areas of interest. These can be hobbies such as art, literature or music. But Quora can also help with the job. Topics like marketing, finance or taxes are quite popular.

After registering, you will be taken to the Quora home page. There is a general feed with questions and answers here. These are bundled together from the interests you specified. You can also follow topics and users of the platform. Under "Answers", the platform suggests questions that you might want to answer yourself. The communications keep you updated with your own questions, answers, and comments.

Browse welcome!

Quora invites you to browse through its structure. So you can not only ask your own questions, but also work your way through other users' questions. There are several possibilities for this. The first and most noticeable is the home page. Here Quora collects questions about your interest in a home feed. In the left column you can navigate through specific subject areas. You will also receive a best of Quora questions that may be of interest to you by email. You can manage these mails in the settings and deactivate them completely. When you click on a Quora question, you will also receive further suggestions that are thematically related to the selected question. This allows you to browse through the Quora archive from question to question.

Quora relies heavily on its own community. That is why there are some functions that are designed to help moderate questions. The simplest type of quality assurance is through assessments. You can choose answers positive up or negative push down. This is how the best answers should prevail. Instead of formulating an answer yourself, you can send other authors suggestions for changes if they are fundamentally correct with their answers but have made obvious mistakes in detail. You can also report problematic content directly to the platform.

In addition to these feedback functions, Quora has its own quality program. Some particularly active users are then invited to the Top Writer program by the platform. The users then receive this award as a reference in their profiles.

The Quora app

Hardly any social network can do without its own iPhone app. Quora is also equipped for mobile use. The text-heavy network impresses above all with its elegant design on the iPhone or iPad. The most important functions are located on the lower navigation bar. Here you can browse through your newsfeed and topic suggestions as well as add to your profile. There is also an overview of your notifications.

The presentation of the individual questions and their answers is particularly beautiful. These appear like maps in a single view on the display. All the important functions for evaluating the answers are immediately available. You can rate, comment and suggest changes with just a few buttons. The iPhone app also allows you to ask questions and formulate your own answers.


Quora is a network with a simple idea that can be extremely effective. While questions on platforms such as Twitter or Facebook often get stuck in their own circle of friends, they can be answered here with expert knowledge. The quality of the questions and answers depends on the users of the network. And these can fluctuate greatly. The iPhone and iPad apps, which make browsing the network of questions easier thanks to their simple but beautiful design, are positive.

The company and the Quora platform are based in California's Silicon Valley. So the main language is English. But since May 2017 there is also a German offshoot. It is not only the language of the controls that is German. The users, topics and questions also use the German language. Some questions are also translated from other languages ​​by German-speaking users. You can also add English as an additional language, for example, by visiting the quora.com main page. You can then switch between the languages ​​and sub-pages with the globe symbol. The English-language branch not only has other topics and questions, but also other functions.

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